Czech Republic – little known attractions that are worth seeing at least once in your lifetime

City center in Ostrawa

Czech historic monuments can be compared with the proverbial bottomless sack - they never seem to end! Even if you think you have seen quite a lot, something will crop up that will surprise you totally.

The Capital of the Czech Silesia

Just across the border with Poland, there is charming Opava, the capital of the part of Silesia that lies in the Czech Republic. It has a gorgeous market square, lots of streets lined by townhouses, several city palaces, many temples and monasteries, the Silesian University and the Silesian Museum. Visit them all to discover the atmosphere of the Czech province.

Socialist realism

If anyone stops in Ostrava, then it is only because of the city's fine post-industrial complex Vitkovice Dolni. However, Ostrava has in fact more to offer, including a pretty nice market square and Poruba, a district built totally in the socialist realism style. On the one hand, it is fascinating, but on the other, it overwhelms you with its monumental architecture and urban planning. One thing is certain, it will not leave you indifferent! And if you love arts and history, you will definitely consider it one of the greatest attractions in the Czech Republic.

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Shower at Priessnitz's

In the 19th century, when standards of hygiene were very much different than they are today, Vincenz Priessnitz started his studies into hydrotherapy, and soon applied the results in the health resort of Lázně Jeseník. Today, the town has a sanatorium with a beautiful architecture which is surrounded by pleasant views and attractive walking paths.

A visit to Bata

Can anyone possibly consider a shoe factory a tourist attraction in the Czech Republic, a country so packed with historic monuments? But of course! Everything is possible here, and as for the shoe empire created by Tomasz Bata, which operates to this day, the answer is quite clear - Zlin is the city where the most famous Czech shoes were created. Interestingly, however, the factory site has many interesting architectural solutions. Although today Bata shoes are manufactures outside Europe, the factory buildings are worth a visit, as they have been adapted to new functions in an interesting manner. In addition, you can also see a workers' housing estate and a museum with footwear from various corners of the world and different eras.

Jewish traces

Although the former Jewish atmosphere has gone by, it is worth to visit the town of Třebíč, where you will find an atmospheric district with low-rise buildings, a synagogue and a Jewish cemetery (kirkut), as well as an interesting castle and monastery. If you are interested in Jewish historic sites, then you will surely like Kolin, with its remnants of the former Jewish quarter and a synagogue.







On a couch at Freud's

A great number of excellent artists, scholars and scientists were born in the Czech Republic. Among them was Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. If you visit the town of Příbor, you will have an opportunity to visit his family home. In addition, you can also see a market square with Baroque townhouses, several interesting temples, and feel a peaceful atmosphere of a Czech town. Don't forget to buy "Příborska freudovka", the excellent local herbal liqueur! It can tackle all sorrows and generally raises your spirits.

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Vltava River in Solenice
Vltava River in Solenice

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