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Let's be honest, Germany's attractions are rather underrated in Poland! Same, because their multitude, location and high quality should attract your attention. Don't waste a minute then. Make a "must see" list and set off on a journey! Cities, towns, castles, palaces, parks and gardens – they all are waiting for your visit!

Big cities - not only Berlin

Germany is a country of strong township culture. Furthermore, Germans, together with Dutch, can create cities that are beautiful, functional and comfortable for their residents. And full of green areas and recreation grounds to that. Unfortunately, Germany's largest cities, and their centres in particular, were almost completely destroyed during World War II, and today when you visit their old towns you can notice only fragments of their former glory. Luckily, many of the most valuable German historic monuments can be seen in their complete state. Besides, you will be able to feel the fantastic big city atmosphere just about everywhere. Meanwhile, city centres, saved from the bombing, will take to the elegant and luxurious 19th century. Visit Frankfurt, the seat of European finances, Hamburg with its fantastic architecture and clearly marine inspirations, Bonn, the former capital of West Germany, Dresden, a Baroque city that is still under reconstruction, Kiel with its splendid Cathedral, post-industrial centres of the Ruhr Region, or Munich - famous for Octoberfest and interesting architecture. Don't forget about the wonderful, unique and one-of-a-kind city of Berlin. As you can see, you just can't waste time for resting in Germany!


Small cities and towns - feel the breath of great history

Small towns were much luckier than big cities - they were not targets of Allied bombing raids, and so their old town districts survived almost intact. And they are so beautiful that the view can take your breath away. Visit Passau, where the city's magnificent architecture is as important as its location – the city lies where the River Inn flows into the Danube, which gives a stunningly picturesque effect. A boat cruise will be excellent entertainment, as you will have an opportunity to admire scenic views opening one after another on both sides. Go Bayreuth to see the famous opera house. Perhaps you would like to see an opera performance? You can expect some more sombre experiences in Nuremberg, which in addition to its Medieval aura is overshadowed by the horror of World War II. Indeed, this is where shows with the participation of Hitler were staged, and this is where war criminals were tried. There are at least several sites in Nuremberg whose great importance makes them worth seeing. In addition, you can see with your own eyes how Germans come to terms with their history. When in Colditz, visit the Renaissance castle which served as a POW camp for Allied officers; in Bautzen, discover the traces of presence of Serbo-Lusatians, an interesting Slavic minority; in Speyer, visit the mighty cathedral and excellent Museum of Technology. Since Wittenberg and Worms are important centres of Protestantism, you must see the local churches with their quite original form. In the provincial Weimar, experience traditions connected with the German romantic literature and modernistic architecture.

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Castles - like from Disney's fairy tale

Did you know that Germany is the country with the highest number of castles in the world? The count stands at some 25,000! Beautiful and scenically situated, they rank among the most spectacular German historic monuments. When you are thinking of the most splendid castle, Neuschwanstein must surely come to your mind. Quite understandably, it is one of the most popular buildings in Bavaria. It looks fabulous and is shown in many brochures, although it was build only in the mid 19th century on a whim of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria. Meanwhile, you will find tens equally beautiful and historically valuable castles across the country. Imagine green fields with a hill rising from them, and on that hill a mighty fortress which was once inhabited by one of Europe's most powerful dynasties. This is the Hohenzollern castle, which dates back to the 12th or maybe even 11th century! There is also the Eltz Castle, with just as long and complicated history, and the Schwerin Castle in the north of the country, which is considered a wonderful work of the German historicism. You will be amazed by the finesse of its architecture and scenic location on an island. Moritzburg near Dresden is another castle on water – visit it if you happen to be sightseeing in Saxony. Fantastic places are waiting to rediscovered.

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