The most interesting museums in Warsaw

Muzeum Neonów in Warsaw

Visiting museums in Warsaw became fashionable in 2004 with the opening of the Warsaw Rising Museum, which remains one of the capital's most popular museums. Since that time, a lot of new interesting places that are worth visiting have been established in Warsaw. Some present the past, like the Neon Museum and the Museum of Life in the PRL (the Polish abbreviation for the Polish People's Republic), but some are thoroughly modern, like the Copernicus Science Centre. Below you can find our selection of the most interesting museums in Warsaw.

The best museums in Warsaw

Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is a trendy spot on the map of Warsaw. it's must see gallery, which has been recognised by the British newspaper “The Guardian” as one of the more interesting museums in Europe, allows visitors to admire the post-war luminous advertising signs. The collection includes over 100 renovated colourful installations that will charm you with their extraordinary design. Telling the story of neonisation under the Polish People's Republic, the Museum will let you travel back in time in a nostalgic atmosphere.

Warsaw Rising Museum

Opened on the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, the Warsaw Rising Museum is housed in a former tram depot complex, a monument of the 20th century industrial architecture itself. Its uniquely designed exhibition affects your senses with images, light and sound. The interior design and use of multimedia effects will let you feel the insurgent reality. Visitors are put in a in a setting that shows scenes from several decades ago, walking on granite cobblestones through the ruins of the destroyed capital.

The Museum also has a special exhibition for children - the Room of the Little Insurgent. The light and colourful room is where children learn history by watching an insurgent puppet theatre and impersonating scout postmen and paramedics. Young visitors can also play with replicas of old-time toys, board games and jigsaw puzzles.

Museum of the History of Polish Jews (POLIN)

The POLIN Museum is a modern historical museum that shows 1,000 years of the history of Polish Jews. It is also a meeting place for those who wish to learn more about Jewish culture.

Museum of Warsaw

The Museum of Warsaw collects and exhibits Warsaw-related artefacts, and tells about events and people that decided about the shape and character of today's Warsaw. The Museum has 9 locations, each of which has its own programme. In addition to permanent exhibitions, visitors are offered workshops, meetings, lectures, sightseeing tours, family activities, concerts and many other projects. The main exhibition shows Warsaw artefacts and data, and the history of the city's historic townhouses.

Museum of Life Under Communism

Museum of Life Under Communism is a place where young visitors get the opportunity to discover the reality in which their parents lived, while the older generation can recall the ups and downs of life in the Polish People’s Republic. The Museum presents selected facts and stories, but above all the reality of life at that time. 









Copernicus Science Centre

Our last proposal is to visit the Copernicus Science Centre - a paradise not only for children but for all science enthusiasts. Here you can feel like a researcher or explorer, carrying out your own experiments, testing your body’s capabilities, your sensitivity to sound and light and your susceptibility to illusions. In the Thinkatorium, you can build a flying vehicle or a bridge with the materials available. To round off your day at the Copernicus Science Centre, visit the Planetarium and relax on the grass in the Discovery Park.

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