Viewpoints in Prague – the best places to view the city and take the best photos

Panoramic view of buildings and St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague on a sunny day

Viewpoints in Prague are the Czech's capital great attraction. On the one hand, they offer an opportunity to view the city from an uncommon perspective, and on the other - they are extremely valuable historic monuments! Visit at least some of them. So, once again, where to go to view Prague?


In the old days, in the Letenské sady, a park on the opposite bank of the Vltava River to the Old Town, there stood the world's largest monument of Joseph Stalin. It was tore down in the early 1960s, and replaced by a metronome in 1991. A place that would inspire horror after the war, it is now a pleasant space from where you can admire the blue ribbon of the river and bridges connecting the two banks.


The Norbertine Monastery in Strahov is the district's characteristic landmark and a very valuable historic monument of Prague. When on site, visit its interiors and go past the church's presbytery to reach a viewpoint with a small vineyard. There, right in front of you, will be a panorama of the Old Town, bounded by a cathedral on one side and by a the Petřínská rozhledna viewing tower on the other.

Petřínská rozhledna

And now head for… yes, Petřínska rozhledna! The characteristic 65 metre viewing tower looks a bit like the Eiffel Tower. And it is not a coincidence, because the "Pražanka" was built in 1891 as a copy of the "Parisian". What you are about to see will go beyond your wildest expectations! In front of your eyes there will be a wide panorama of the Old Town, Malá Strana, and the imposing buildings of Hradčany all the way to Strahov. It is probably the best viewpoint in Prague, and as it stands on a hill, you can take a ride to it by a historic railway.

Panoramic view of Prague from Petrin Tower in autumn






Situated on a rock right at the Vltava Rive, the castle is not only a Medieval monument, but also an excellent viewing platform. Walking on its walls, you will see a different perspective of the city virtually every moment. The most beautiful of which will be the bend of the river with the buildings of Hradčany and the eye-catching Cathedral of St. Vitus in the background.


The city centre is one of the capital's most beautiful districts. Vast and packed with 19th century townhouses, it is elegant and dignified. You must come here for a walk to admire the richly ornamented façades, and then take a seat in one of the atmospheric bars. After that, you must visit the greatest "star" of the neighbourhood, i.e. the 216 metre TV tower. You can take a lift to 66 metres, where there is a café and a restaurant, or to the viewing deck at 93 metres. You will have the entire city at your feet, and in good weather you will be able to see as far as several dozen kilometres away. And one more thing – you are not going to see the tower itself, although it dominates the cityscape of Prague.

Panoramic view of Prague buildings and Zizkov Tower after sunset

Charles Bridge

Where is a good viewpoint to see Prague from its very heart? It is the Charles bridge, of course. Or more specifically, from one of its two gate towers at either bridgehead. Since the debate which view is more beautiful remains unsettled, you'd better climb both towers and see for yourself! From the Old Town side, you can admire gorgeous Hradčany and Malá Strana with the bridge in the foreground, while from the Malá Strana side, which is a bit farther away from the Vltava River, you will have a wonderful view of the Old Town with its numerous towers.

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