Holidays in Germany – sea and mountains for wonderful vacations


Holidays in Germany? If someone makes you such an offer, do not hesitate a minute! It is a wonderful, interesting and very attractive country where you can have a rest lying on a sandy beach or taking a hike in high mountains. And in forests, at lakes and in dozens of other natural ways. Don't hesitate and get tempted by Germany's natural attractions!

Holidays at the seaside and lakes

Did you know that the beach basket was invented by Germans? It is not surprising, the Baltic and North Sea coast is so beautiful that even a simple activity like sitting on a wicker seat and staring at blue waves contrasting with yellow sand can give you a lot of pleasure. Apart from that, you can lie on a beach for hours or build big sand castles with your kids. Good ways to spend your free time in Germany include also slow walks and attentive sightseeing – you can find gorgeous towns and cities along the entire coast. You must visit the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck and Wismar with their impressive brick architecture and delicious cuisine with fish ruling the menu. Visit the scenic island of Rügen or go on a cruise around the rough Frisian Islands. You can change the seas of the north for the lakes of the south. The most famous of these, the Lake Constance, offers sailing boats, motor boats, cruise ships, grounds for sunbathing and walking, as well as exotic drinks under palm trees. This can also be a fantastic idea for a holiday.




port of Lübeck, Germany

Holidays in the mountains

If not the sea, then perhaps… the mountains? You have plenty of options, so your holidays in Germany may be very active. Of course, there are also the fabulous Alps Alpy with their high, snow-covered summits and brightly green valleys coupled with beautiful wooden architecture, offering truly post-card views. The Alps have Germany's highest mountain, Zugspitze (2,962 m a.s.l.), with the famous skiing resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen at its foot. There are plenty of similar centres in the vicinity, so you can spend summer and winter months in the mountains, and thanks to the excellent infrastructure, you will have a good time every time! You would love to admire some views but are not into mountain hiking? Hop in an electric train or take a ride on the German Alpine Road – but be careful to watch the road, not just the scenic views around you. On your way, you will naturally find plenty of interesting places with more or less popular German attractions. Don't forget to visit Alpine lakes. The most popular of those is Königsee, but you will find also many other beautifully located reservoirs. There are also the Hartz Mountains, much lower and milder, where green summits are interspersed with small atmospheric towns.

 Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany

Holidays on a romantic route

The Romantic Road, running for 350 km between the city of Würzburg and the foot of the Alps, is mightily popular in Germany. Idyllic and peaceful, it offers scenic views with gorgeous villages and small towns with rich, often important history. Reserve a few days, go into the "low" mode, and have a leisurely trek along that interesting route. Admire the wonders of nature and crafty work of human hands. Stop in small squares, where surrounded by flowers you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. Visit the roadside inns to try local delicacies. Simply put, enjoy your life!

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