Travel responsibly

Your safety and comfort are our priority; therefore, we remind you that the consumption of alcohol brought on board and purchased from the Shop&More offer is prohibited during the flight. We know that air travel seems stressful for some. However, please remember that the effects of alcohol consumed during a flight can have an amplified effect on psychophysical conditions, and excessive consumption can be counterproductive. Congregating in the aisles, buffets and the toilet area on board an aircraft is also prohibited.

Passengers who consume excessive amounts of alcohol and behave in an aggressive manner towards the cabin crew and fellow passengers and/or do not follow the instructions of the crew may be subject to disciplinary action. In case of lack of cooperation and obedience to the crew’s instructions, the Captain of the aircraft may take the following decisions:

  • hand over of the passenger to the airport security services upon arrival at the destination airport, 
  • refusal of further transportation and re-direction of the plane to the nearest available airport and handing the passenger over to the airport security services upon landing, 
  • passenger information to be placed on the Do Not Fly list for all LOT Polish Airlines flights.


Let’s take care of our own safety and comfort, and that of our fellow passengers together – travel responsibly!