Culinary travels – the tastiest cities in the world

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Culinary travels are among the most pleasant ways to explore the world. When travelling, we seek a break from our everyday lives and look for new experiences that come from contact with another culture. And cuisine is an important part of every culture! But where can new tastes be found? Here are four cities from around the world which gourmet food lovers will adore.

Culinary travels across the ocean – New York

New York is a true Mecca for lovers of gourmet food and diverse flavours, giving you an opportunity to make a true culinary trip around the world in just one day. There is no cuisine which you could not taste here. Mexican, Chinese, Arab, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Israeli – you can choose every version you can think of: from street food stalls, to bistros, crowded chain eateries, to exclusive high-street restaurants. When in New York, it is a good idea to visit recommended venues, for it is very easy to get lost in the maze of more than 26,000 restaurants. Also, cheap and tasty food is served from popular food trucks. You should definitely try the iconic bagels, $1 pizza slice, Manhattan clam chowder, hot dogs and the world's best New York cheesecake.

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The culinary capital of the world – Tokyo

If you seek new culinary experiences, go to Tokyo, the city acclaimed to be the culinary capital of the world. With its 230 restaurants holding Michelin stars, Tokyo trumps every other city in the world in this category! Considered to be the healthiest in the world, Japanese cuisine is famous for great attention to the freshness and quality of products from which dishes are prepared. Sushi in the Tsukiji fish market, or tasting kaiseki, the traditional and beautifully composed set of many dishes served in small portions that are delight to your mouth as well as eyes – this is just the beginning of a Japanese feast for your taste buds. When in Tokyo, you must try ramen, udon noodles, sweet rice mochi and desserts with green matcha tea.

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A city of all flavours – Singapore

Next must-see in your culinary journey around the world – Singapore. Singapore, a colourful multi-cultural city, whose cuisine is a perfect match for its character. In addition to traditional Chinese, Malay and Indian dishes, you will find here some clear influences of Indonesian, Thai, Middle Eastern and European cuisines, plus various combinations thereof. Singapore is famous both for expensive luxury restaurants and cheap street food. If you want to have a street food feast, visit one of the city's dozens hawker centres, i.e. a roofed complex of food stalls where most residents of the Lion City have dine. That the food served there is truly delicious is best proven by the fact that two stalls in simple hawker centres have been awarded Michelin stars! When in Singapore, you must try laksa, the queen of soups in this part of the world. 

Cuisine of the sea and mountains – Barcelona

Dreaming of culinary travels around Europe? Take a flight to Barcelona to have some tapas, churros and sangria! The traditional Catalan cuisine is a tasty combination of sea food – fish and shellfish – and food of the mountains: meet, olive oil and aromatic herbs. Barcelona is famous for its colourful market places which will tempt you with fresh sea food, cheese and olives, dry-cured hams (including the famous Serrano), spicy salamis, hot paella and juicy fruits. The Mercat de la Boqueria is the city's most popular bazaar, but St. Anthony's and St. Catherine's bazaars are equally tasty.  Do you want to feel like a Barcelonian? Eat a lot and late, wash your meals down with plenty of Spanish wine, laugh loudly and enjoy life!

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