Attractions in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles

Skyscapers in LA

Los Angeles is a sunny metropolis which attracts crowds of tourist from around the world. It is famous for its Hollywood dream factory, celebrities living in the area and sandy beaches. Discover sites around that city – each of them has completely different attractions to offer. Rent a car and go on a memorable adventure! Variety of experiences guaranteed! Read about places worth seeing in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles.


Start your trip from Malibu, a city which is particularly popular among starts of the silver screen. It is famous for the wide Zuma Beach, where surfers can't complain about waves. The water in the ocean is cold - only in September does it reach 20 degrees Celsius. Despite that, there are plenty of fans of swimming without a wetsuit. Nearby there is the Santa Monica mountain range with canyons, waterfalls and meadows. All this makes Malibu an excellent place to live – surrounded by nature and near the cosmopolitan LA. What more can you ask for?

Beach in Malibu


If you like to take the best nature has to offer, then consider visiting Kernville. Trekking in the mountains, rafting, kayaking or fishing are just some of the activities you can do there. It is a perfect place for a family rest away from the big city noise. An interesting fact about the area is that first settlers came there in the mid 19th century in the wake of the gold rush. If you are interested in this subject, visit the local Kern Valley Museum, where you will see e.g. real gold nuggets!

Santa Ynez

The cowboy town, as Santa Ynez is called, was established around 1880 and some of its buildings come from that era. The wooden buildings along Sagunto Street resemble scenes that we know from Wild West movies. In addition, the place has a charming atmosphere: there are ranches with horses, routes adored by cyclists, and small family vineyards, of which there are more than 120. With the unique local microclimate, sunny days are followed by colds nights there, which are usually preceded by an afternoon or evening fog.


California surprises visitors with its diversity. In addition to luxurious villas owned by celebrities, mountain passes, sandy beaches, Wild West ranches, there is a town that looks as if it was teleported from Denmark. Solvang is a town whose architecture excellently reflects Scandinavian influences. Colourful houses with Prussian walls, an old-style windmill… is this really the 21st century USA?! If you wish to find out more about that town, you must visit the the Elverhøj Museum of History & Art.

Street in Solvang California

Santa Catalina Island

Did you know that there is an island near the coast of Los Angeles? Situated to the south-east of the city, it is a perfect place for diving and mountain treks. It has a tourist town of Avalon with beaches, palm trees and shops. Those who prefer spending their holidays away from crowds, should choose Two Harbors, a village with a population of only 298. You will surely appreciate its peaceful beaches - go there to enjoy silence and sea breeze.

Pasadena and Santa Barbara

Situated 11 miles north-east from the City of Angels, Pasadena is a city with beautiful Victorian and Art Deco architecture. Every New Year's day, the city is home to the Roses Parade and hosts a postseason football game. Much farther to the north-west, there is Santa Barbara, whose architecture resembles Mideterranean countries – red roof tiles and white walls are remnants of the Spanish heritage. Consider finishing you sightseeing tour of the neighbourhood of Los Angeles in at least one of those cities. The neighbourhood is incredibly diverse! Discover California 

Santa Barbara