Dishes to eat in Serbia – the country's greatest delicacies

Serbian dish

Serbian cuisine is among the country's greatest attractions! It is delicious, colourful, and Balkan! Your journey could have the name "in pursuit of Balkan delicacies" and last many weeks on end. The richness and variety is naturally owed to the geographical location, influences of the neighbours and mixing of various cultures and ethnic groups that has been going on for centuries.

Central European Vojvodina

In Vojvodina, you can enjoy flavours typical of Austria and Hungary. Since the regions has excellent soils, the local vegetables are particularly fresh, juicy and aromatic. On a warm day, you will be delighted by an ordinary salad made from tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and onions, sprinkled with herbs and olive oil. When you fancy something more nourishing, goulash will definitely be the answer. Tender meat combined with sauce and aromatic vegetable will make an excellent choice.

 Stew in a bowl decorated with hot peppers, parsley and bay leaf





Cosmopolitan Belgrade

Belgrade is a large and energetic metropolis. This is why you will find Serbian classics as well as flavours from all over the world here. Soups are among staple dishes of the Central Serbian cuisine. The local saying goes that "if you haven't eaten with a spoon, you haven't eaten at all". The local dish čorbas consist of chunks of meat and large portions of vegetables, so they are thick and nourishing, and can actually be served as a main course. Among the region's popular dishes is Kotlet Karadjordjev's schnitzel, named after the leader of the first anti-Turkish uprising (as you can see, history gets into just about everything in Serbia!). In this case, a slice of beaten veal is coated with kajmak (smooth cheese which has the texture of butter, made from boiled sheep milk), rolled up, breaded and fried in deep fat. It is served with tartar sauce and raw or grilled vegetables.

Barbecue classics!

The best starts below Belgrade. Serbian food in their most delicious versions!. Barbecue dishes rule everywhere, with the famous Balkan ćevapčici in the lead! Ćevapčici are 5cm-long grilled fingers made from various types of minced meat. They are served with chips or a lepinja pie, a bit of chopped onion and a drop of ajvar, excellent paprika purée with addition of aubergine. If you are exploring Serbia in a group of few people, have a bowl of meats – a selection of brilliantly spiced delicacies and excellent sausages. You will eat to the brim!

 Stuffed peppers in a heatproof dish






In Novy Pazar, populated mainly by Muslims, you will have Serbia's best burka, a traditional Turkish dish served in many countries that once were dependent from Istanbul. Considered as a local "fast food", it is made of pieces of rolled pastry stuffed with meat, which is then baked for about a quarter. The meat stuffing can be replaced by cheese (then it is called sirnica), potatoes (krompiruša), kajmak and eggs (gibanica) or spinach (zeljanica). The best drink to wash it down with is either ordinary yoghurt or refreshing ajran, fresh yoghurt diluted with water with a pinch of salt and a leaf of basil or peppermint. Also, try stuffed peppers or tomatoes, a dish that is popular all across Serbia. They are served either stuffed with meat or in a vegetarian version, e.g. with rice. Another tasty combination of vegetables and meat is offered by a casserole called musaka. The best musaka is served near the border with Bulgaria. When you arrive in the vicinity of Zlatibor, try simple peasants' cuisine. Have a slice of bread bakes with kajmak and a fried egg, or the local version of a bean soup. The region is famous for production of exquisite cold meats, in particular kulen, so a bowl named srpska zakuska will make an excellent appetiser.

After or with a meal

After you have had your meal, to aid you digestion, you can resort rakija, the most popular local alcoholic drink, or good Serbian wine if you fancy something less powerful. Wine from the vicinity of Topola and Vršce are particularly recommended.

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