The most instagrammable places in Warsaw

Zdjęcie Warszawy z powietrza

Wondering what are the most instagrammable places in Warsaw? Don't know which places in Warsaw to visit to take the best instagram photos? Get inspired by our article and discover the most instagram places in Warsaw! Discover the photographic gems of the capital and give your profile even more character!

What are the most instagrammable places in Warsaw?

Pałac Kultury i Nauki w Warszawie

The Palace of Culture and Science

An icon and landmark of Warsaw, a cultural center and headquarters of many companies, and by 2021 the tallest building in Poland. The Palace of Culture is a must-see on every instagrammer's profile! Our hint? Visit the observation deck on the 30th floor and snap a picture of the magnificent city skyline!

Plac Zamkowy na Starym Mieście

The Old Town

We are sure that Warsaw's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will delight every visitor! It is rich in monuments, has countless narrow streets and beautiful, colorful townhouses. It is even a perfect place for interesting photos!

Warszawska palma przy rondzie De Gaulle'a o zachodzie słońca

Warsaw's palm tree

The Warsaw palm tree at the De Gaulle Roundabout is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. It is considered an integral part of the Warsaw landscape and a frequent meeting place, that you simply must photograph! It looks especially atmospheric during sunset - like a frame straight from California!

Pałac na wodzie w Łazienkach Królewskich jesienią

Royal Lazienki Park

The Royal Lazienki Park is not only the most beautiful and famous park in Warsaw, but also a must-see place on the map of every tourist! Stroll through its charming alleys, sit on a bench and relax while listening to the sounds of nature. At your leisure, eat ice cream or waffles at a nearby cafe. Discover unique places to photograph in the greenest part of the city! 

What are the most instagrammable places in Warsaw?

Muzeum Neonów w Warszawie

Neon Museum

Old, new, colorful, small, big.... The Neon Museum in Warsaw's Praga district is a great place for unique instagram photos! Visit 25 Minska Street, take a trip to the past and learn about the history of each unique neon sign.

Zamek Ujazdowski w piękny, zimowy poranek

Ujazdów Castle

Ujazdów Castle is a building straight out of a fairy tale land that you absolutely must photograph! Its classicist architecture and pastel colors, give the whole place a truly unique character. Inside the castle you'll also find the headquarters of the Center for Contemporary Art - a perfect opportunity to see one of the thematic exhibitions!

Błękitny Wieżowiec na Placu Bankowym

The Blue skyscraper

The Blue Skyscraper, located in Bank Square, is one of the most photographed buildings in the city for good reason! Its facade is made of reflective glass, so that, on sunny days, it reflects the blue of the sky, hence its name.

What are the most instagrammable places in Warsaw?

Francuskie śniadanie w Charlotte bistro na okrągłym, marmurowym blacie

Charlotte Bistro

There are places in Warsaw where, in addition to excellent cuisine, you will also take perfect instagram shots! We are, of course, talking about Charlotte Bistro - a place that has recently become a cult on the map of the capital. It is famous not only for its French breakfasts, but also for its aesthetic interiors, round marble tables and white crockery. Would you agree that each of these elements is a recipe for a perfect instagram shot? Check out how brilliant (and tasty!) Charlotte looks in the photo!

Ulica Kamienne Schodki w Warszawie w słoneczny dzień z widokiem na kamienice i kwitnące wiśnie

Kamienne Schodki street

Kamienne Schodki Street is undoubtedly one of the most interesting corners of the Old Town! See for yourself that it's even the perfect place for instagram photos!

Kręte schodki na Moście Gdańskim

Gdański Bridge

On the Gdanski Bridge, you'll come across some truly photogenic staircase. They are designed in the shape of a spiral and made without any supports, making them seem light and elegant!

Tunel trasy W-Z w Warszawie

W-Z route tunnel

W-Z route tunnel

The W-Z route tunnel was built on the model of the Paris Saint-Cloud tunnel. It runs under Krakowskie Przedmieście, Senatorska and Miodowa Streets, and looks exceptionally photogenic due to the car lights reflecting inside the tunnel! Although the tunnel is for traffic only, you can safely photograph it from the sidewalk, right at the entrance.

Tunel trasy W-Z w Warszawie

W-Z route tunnel

The W-Z route tunnel was built on the model of the Paris Saint-Cloud tunnel. It runs under Krakowskie Przedmieście, Senatorska and Miodowa Streets, and looks exceptionally photogenic due to the car lights reflecting inside the tunnel! Although the tunnel is for traffic only, you can safely photograph it from the sidewalk, right at the entrance.

Osiedle Bliska Wola w Warszawie

Bliska Wola estate

A newly built estate in Warsaw's Wola district, sure to impress any visitor! Compact development, tall blocks of flats and unconventional architecture many people may associate with..... Hong-Kong!

Biurowiec Moniuszki Tower w Warszawie

Moniuszki Tower

It is said that Warsaw is a city of contrasts. It's here that old buildings meet modern office buildings and form a harmonious duo. This is also the case with the Moniuszki Tower office building at 1 Stanisława Moniuszki Street. 

What are the most instagrammable places in Warsaw?

Biurowiec Moniuszki Tower w Warszawie widziany z podwórka jednej z kamienic

Warsaw's tenement

Walking around Downtown, you may come across the original courtyards of many Warsaw tenements. One of them is the colloquially known as "Warsaw Well", at 1 Stanisława Moniuszki St. Look up, see a modern skyscraper emerging from behind the tenement and discover the view that makes this place unique!

Niebieska klatka schodowa na zewnątrz budynku przy Rondzie Daszyńskiego

Daszyńskiego Roundabout

Near Daszyńskiego Roundabout, you'll find a building with an exterior staircase in blue. The bright facade of the building and the color of the staircase will make your frame truly minimalist. After all, true beauty is in simplicity, isn't it?

Klasycystyczne schody w Galerii Zachęta

Zachęta Gallery

Zachęta has been one of the most instagrammed places in Warsaw for many years. Its most interesting point is, of course, the classicist staircase, which you can't miss! Visit the city gallery and, in addition to great shots, see one of the many exhibitions of contemporary art.

Gmach główny Politechniki Warszawskiej

Warsaw University of Technology

The historic building of the Warsaw University of Technology is located on Polytechnic Square and constantly impresses with its architecture! It is a showcase of one of the most famous universities not only in the country, but also in Europe! We were most impressed by the two-story courtyard with a glass mosaic roof structure, and the whole thing is complemented by the amazing symmetry of the interior.

What are the most instagrammable places in Warsaw?

Osiedle Przyjaźń na warszawskim Bemowie

Przyjazn Estate

Do you dream of escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city? Take a stroll through the Przyjaźń Estate in Warsaw's Bemowo district! By visiting this estate, you can easily move to the picturesque Podlasie countryside and see the wooden, colorful houses that used to be inhabited mainly by students and academics. 

Plac Europejski i napis Kocham Warszawę

European Square

The youngest of Warsaw's squares, as it opened in 2016, the European Square is surrounded by numerous office buildings. It hides a charming square with the popular "I love Warsaw" sign, which you absolutely must take a photo of!

Schody na stacji metra Centrum Nauki Kopernik

Metro Station

Although almost all of Warsaw's subway stations feature an original design, it is the Copernicus Science Center station that is the most famous. The escalator and illuminated tunnel are simply cosmic! 

What are the most instagrammable places in Warsaw?

Pomnik Syrenki w Warszawie

Warsaw's Mermaid

The Mermaid Monument is one of the most famous landmarks in the capital. Depicting half woman half fish, it is an inseparable symbol of Warsaw. Located just off the Vistula Boulevards, it provides visitors with a view of the Vistula River and the Swietokrzyski Bridge.

Ulica Złota w Warszawie

Złota Street

Złota Street is one of the most popular spots on every photographer's map! This is where you can enjoy the iconic view of the Palace of Culture and Science.

Plac Grzybowski w Warszawie

Grzybowski Square

The history of Grzybowski Square dates back to the 17th century. Today, it is one of the must-see spots on every tourist's map. The square also includes a historic church and a square where you can relax in the shade of trees. 

What are the most instagrammable places in Warsaw?

Kamienica na warszawskiej Ochocie jesienią

Ochota District

Take a walk in Warsaw's Ochota district. This district is full of charming townhouses, squares and parks. We especially recommend a walk in autumn, when the trees show the true beauty of this colorful season!

Kolorowe schodki w Browarach Warszawskich w Warszawie

Warsaw Brewery (Browary Warszawskie)

Warsaw Brewery in Warsaw's Wola district is a vibrant space in the heart of the city. Numerous atmospheric and thematic restaurants make this place ideal not only for meetings, but also for unique frames! Industrial buildings, squares, office buildings and numerous isthmuses even encourage you to "get lost" here and take perfect photos for instagram!

As you can see, Warsaw is a city full of places worth seeing! Grab your camera or phone and visit the most instagram-worthy places in Warsaw! Together with us, take care of the original content of your profile!

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