First Flight by Plane - How to Prepare? [8 Tips]

Reading Time 🕗 5 minutes | January 22, 2024 | Author Kamil Wrzosek | Editor Klara Krysiak 

The first airplane journey is undoubtedly a fascinating experience. Check out a few tips to remember to ensure your first flight goes smoothly and enjoyable!

How to prepare for your first airplane journey?

Are you planning your first airplane journey and wondering how to prepare? We've got the solution! Read our tips and ensure your flight is an exceptional experience.

Pack your luggage like a pro

Well-packed luggage is an essential element of a peaceful flight. It's also good to know what items you can pack in your carry-on luggage, which you take with you on board. The same applies to checked baggage placed in the aircraft's hold.

All information regarding your luggage (depending on the fare of your ticket) can be found in Manage My Booking.

Tourists are packing luggage for travel.

Check in early

"After arriving at the airport, you'll go through check-in. If you're traveling with carry-on luggage only, you can check in as early as 36 hours before the scheduled departure time and download boarding passes to your mobile devices. This allows you to proceed directly to the security checkpoint.

If you're traveling with checked baggage, you'll need to drop it off at the check-in counter, so it's advisable to arrive at the airport well in advance - ideally 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. It's also worth checking the information regarding your gate number at the airport regularly, as it may change.

Airline ticket scanner at the airport

Choose your favorite seat

Do you enjoy admiring the views out the window, or do you prefer freedom and a comfortable seat near the aisle? Perhaps you're interested in extra legroom? Reserve your favorite seat and enjoy the comfort of your journey!

You can purchase your seat on the plane through Manage My Booking.

Your seat on the plane

Choose your favorite seat on the plane and enjoy comfort throughout the journey!

Choose your favorite seat
Choose your favorite seat
View of cmur from the aircraft

Bring along a mascot

How to ensure your child doesn't get bored during the flight? Make sure they have an enjoyable journey and bring LOTek along! If a plush crane isn't enough, download our coloring books too, and your child's airplane journey will become a creative adventure.

LOTek, the mascot of LOT, in the cabin of Boeing 737 MAX, First flight with LOTek.

Opt for comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothing is especially important during long-haul flights. So, during your first airplane journey, opt for garments made of lightweight, breathable materials. And if you feel chilly in the air-conditioned cabin, remember to bring an extra sweater with you!

Remember about meals

Feeling hungry? You can easily order a meal on board! Delicious sandwiches, salads, and for a bigger appetite, meals served on porcelain dishes! Remember, you can order your meal at least 24 or 48 hours before your journey. Let it be a flight full of culinary discoveries!

Order a meal on board - perfect for your first flight by plane

Chew gum

During takeoff and landing, you may experience temporary ear blockage. Don't worry - it's due to the change in pressure in the cabin and is completely normal! However, you can reduce the risk of experiencing these symptoms. How? By chewing gum or swallowing saliva!

Ensure proper hydration

You know, the air humidity in the cabin during a flight is equivalent to that of... the Sahara? Keep this in mind and make sure to stay properly hydrated.

This is especially important during long-haul flights as it reduces the risk of jet lag.

A red reusable bottle with a crane logo against a backdrop of trees


As you can see, the first flight by plane doesn't have to be stressful at all. On the contrary! Thanks to the above tips, your first airplane journey will surely go smoothly, and you'll enjoy wonderful views out the window and your dream vacation!

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