Great Britain for kids – the most interesting attractions and places for the youngest

A cheerful boy dressed as a superhero plays near London Bridge

Britons undeniably care for creative development from an early age! Learning through fun is a method to do so. This is why you will have no problems finding attractions for kids in Great Britain. And you will surely have fun on many occasions as well!

How was Harry Potter created?

If you have a Harry Potter fan at home, you will give them a lot of joy taking them to the Warner Bross film studio some 30 km from London, where fans of the young wizard can see films sets, costumes, lots of props and special effects shows. The smile will not leave their faces and they are going to remember the experience for a long time!

Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

Fun till you drop!

Great Britain's attractions for kids naturally include a theme park. The Alton Towers Resort is by all means a true theme park! Its quality and popularity are best illustrated by the numbers of visitors that much exceed two million a year! Don't be afraid of the crowds though. It's a bit cramped, but that is not a big problem over the area of 370 hectares. You will be offered lots of rides and attractions adapted to your age and height - some are soft and mellow, but there are also some that will give you a powerful kick of adrenaline. They also have an excellent waterpark. If your kid still loves Lego blocks, you should visit Legoland Windsor! Here, everything revolves around these small pieces of plastic from which truly magnificent things can be built!





Learning through fun!

Holidays are important, but there is always time for learning! Especially when you are spending your holidays in Great Britain, where you can explore the world around you in many fascinating ways. One of them is, of course, visiting museums in big cities. Sounds boring? Not in the least! Most museums often organise special activities for the youngest visitors, and they are conducted in such a way that the participants are never fed up. You can choose plenty of museums whose collections will surely catch your kids' attention. Those who like old cars will visit the Riverside Museum of Transport, while nature lovers should see the Anglesey Sea Zoo or the Natural History Museum in London. London's Zoo, a vast park, is also a perfect place for learning about the planet's wildlife. If you reach Portsmouth, you will have an excellent opportunity to see the National Museum of the Royal Navy with the famous Admiral Nelson's ship HMS Victory.

A meeting with history and arts

A family trip can be an opportunity to accustom your kid to visiting historic sites. You can go to the Leeds Castle (note! Wcale no leży w mieście Leeds!), which may not be a typical kids' attraction in Great Britain, but the various forms of entertainment it has on offer make the visit very pleasant. You will see the beautiful body of the castle, listen to legends about it, have a walk around the gardens, go on a boat cruise or a train ride, and finally get lost in the maze! You can also get inside the castle, where interesting interiors are presented and a mystery route has been prepared for kids! It is not the country's only historic site that has been adapted to the needs of the youngest tourists. There are many more that took steps to make family visits a great adventure!

wnętrze pałacu w Leeds

Holidays at the seaside

If you are spending family holidays in Great Britain, you should take your kids on an outing to the seaside. There are lots of beautiful sand beaches. Whether permitting, you can have a carefree time sunbathing, playing in water, build sand castles or watching crabs. Atmospheric towns and small ports can offer an opportunity to go on interesting, albeit short and non-tiring, hikes. You can also learn, of course! Exploring nature in such circumstance is pure pleasure, and it will take no time to understand the tides! You must visit the Durdle Door beach with its amazing limestone arch, one that you usually see in the south of Europe, e.g. in Malta. You can also go for a walk here and admire stunning views of white cliffs.

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