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Fly from Italy to Chicago and
book your ticket at an attractive price!

Chicago is a unique place for fans of architecture and art. Everywhere there are beautiful skyscrapers, original statues, museums and galleries. Apart from sightseeing and admiring the art, it is also worth going to one of many Michelin-star restaurants.

With LOT Polish Airlines to Chicago

On board the modern LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner™ the flight to Chicago will be a pleasure. Our advantages? Comfortable extended personal space for each passenger, competent flight attendants, selection of the latest movies, series and music, as well as a tempting menu. In such conditions the flight to the Windy City will pass in a flash!

  • Venice (VCE) Chicago (ORD)
    Checked baggage
    LOT Economy Class
    from 615 EUR
  • Milan (MXP) Chicago (ORD)
    Checked baggage
    LOT Economy Class
    from 619 EUR

Discover the city
Chicago, sitting on Lake Michigan, is the third largest city in the United States with a population of nearly 3 million. It is famous for its modern architecture and it prides itself on the third-tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere - 110-story Willis Tower, which together with the telecommunications antenna is 520 metres tall. You may admire the sprawling city panorama from the viewing deck - weather permitting, the visibility may sometimes be as far as 80 kilometres.

Chicago is also an important cultural, financial, and business centre. It is here that Boeing, Playboy, and General Electric have their headquarters.

The city is often nicknamed Windy City - owing to strong winds.

There are many places in Chicago that are definitely worth visiting. One of them is the Art Institute of Chicago on South Michigan Avenue 111. It is a fine arts museum with an impressive collection of impressionist and post-impressionist works of art from all over the world. The museum holds thousands of exhibits dating back to as early as the 12th century. One of its special exhibitions is Touch Gallery, designed especially with the vision-impaired in mind. Every exhibit may be touched and information plaques have been translated into Braille language. Certainly noteworthy are miniaturized copies of dwellings from the period between the Middle Ages and the 20th-century.

On the shore of Lake Michigan, on Lake Shore Drive, there is Field Museum of Natural History. Its anthropological collection comprises specimens from Egypt and Tibet, a large collection of stuffed animals, a dinosaur skeleton called Sue, as well as archaeological artifacts from North and South America.

The Jefferson Park district is a place where historic Gateway Theatre is. It is home to the Copernicus Foundation. The district used to be inhabited by Native Americans, whereas now it has a sizeable Polish community.

The historic Alta Vista district was designed to resemble the streets of London, with their row houses joined to one another. There are buildings representing the following architectural styles: Classicist, Gothic, and Palladian. Some of them are adorned with Doric and Ionic pilasters. A house on Oak Park Avenue 339 is where Ernest Hemingway was born and had lived.

The historic heart of town, known among the locals as the Loop, harks back to the elevated train  route that circumvented its oldest part. The Loop is bordered by: the Chicago river in the north and in the west, Lake Michigan in the east, and Roosevelt Road in the south. It is best to start your tour of the Loop with a boat ride on the Chicago river, setting out from Michigan, Navy Pier, and Wacked streets. This 90-minute cruise will give you a glimpse of such impressive sky scrapers as: Lake Point Tower, John Hancock Center, or James R. Thompson Center.

Every visitor to Chicago should at least once try its local burgers, if only to find out how radically they differ from what we are used to at Italian burger joints. The ones in Chicago use juicy meat, thus achieving a unique taste of their burgers.

Chicago is a city of many nationalities and cultures, which means that various national dishes are served with an American twist to them. One of the more popular meals in many restaurants is pizza. It bears little resemblance to that traditionally served in Italy, yet it is by no means less tasty. Deepish pizza is served on a thick, delicate butter-based pie, covered with a generous layer of tomatoes and cheese. What is typical of Windy City pizza is a lot of sauce, chiefly tomato.

Restaurant chains in Chicago not only specialize in pizzas, but also in steaks. Big and small steakhouses will serve you huge, delicious portions prepared from prime pieces of meat.

There are many shopping opportunities in Chicago. Michigan Avenue, also dubbed The Magnificent Mile, is the city’s main commercial street. Its stores attract tourists from all over the world and the locals alike. 900 N. Michigan Avenue is a string of several dozen boutiques located at the very heart of Chicago.
Helpful info
The best means of transport in Chicago is a car or a taxi, especially because you cannot get everywhere by subway. 

There are two shuttle bus services to and from O’Hare - Pace 250 and 330. You may also get to the city centre by subway going from O’Hare Transfer station. Using this service you will reach every station in Chicago fare-free. On working days the trains depart 5 times a day. There is also a 24-hour rail service to and from the airport, operated by Blue Line CTA. The trains depart every 7-10 minutes. In order get to the station, you need to go down to the subterranean part of the airport. The trip takes approximately 45 minutes.

Sport activities
While in town, it is a good idea to go on a bike tour of the city.