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Fly from Italy to New York and
book your ticket at an attractive price!

New York, along with famous attractions such as Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building and Yankee Stadium, has become a cultural metropolis. There are famous entertainment and art institutions. Most theaters and other cultural centers are located in and around Times Square, most of all on Broadway.

With LOT Polish Airlines to New York

On board the modern LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner™ the flight to New York will be a pleasure. Our advantages? Comfortable extended personal space for each passenger, competent flight attendants, selection of the latest movies, series and music, as well as a tempting menu. In such conditions the flight to the Big Apple will pass in a flash! 

  • Milan (MXP) New York - Newark (EWR)
    Checked baggage
    LOT Economy Class
    from 495 EUR
  • Milan (MXP) New York (JFK)
    Checked baggage
    LOT Economy Class
    from 505 EUR
  • Venice (VCE) New York - all airports (NYC)
    Checked baggage
    LOT Economy Class
    from 559 EUR

Discover the city
New York, the biggest city in the United States, although considered a global capital, is not the capital of the State of New York (Albany is the capital).

The city is located where the Hudson river enters the Atlantic Ocean, on the Manhattan island, Long Island, Staten Island and several smaller ones, and partly on the continent. It is a centre of trade, finance, art and fashion, the city of Broadway, and the greatest cultural and scientific centre in the United States.

The world famous entertainment and art institutions operate there. The majority of theatres and other cultural centres are located around the Times Square, mainly on Broadway.

Each year, 40 million tourists visit New York. The city consists of five major districts – Manhattan (the famous heart of the city, extremely attractive due to its diversity and architecture), Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island.

New York is mainly the city of theatres, but one can also find here monuments and other points of interest. Thus the must-see for all visitors map should be the Great White Way, as the Seventh Avenue and several neighbouring blocks including Broadway are called. Although tickets for shows are expensive, and many times one has to stand in a long line to get them, but with a bit of luck, one may join the audience. If not, the entire Manhattan is full of smaller theatres, the so-called Off-Broadway with cheaper and more available tickets. It is a place that offers the greatest opportunity to see something avant-garde or experimental.

The visitors' map of New York should also include the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the art museum in Manhattan showing such contemporary art forms as painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, photography, film, video, installations, or new media. In New York, there is also the oldest and largest museum in the USA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One can find there unique collections of painting, sculpture, works of decorative and applied art, of all eras from around the world.

New York is also associated with the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island at the mouth of the Hudson River, considered the symbol of free America. The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest hanging bridges in the US, connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn, is also worth seeing.

An important place in New York, and also its lungs, is the Central Park – a popular leisure and entertainment place and the largest city park. Other important places include the Fifth Avenue – the most snobbish and the richest street in New York, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the Times Square – the square at the intersection of two streets – Broadway and the Seventh Avenue – world’s centre of the trade and fashion, one of the New York icons, SoHo – the most fashionable and expensive district in New York, the Mecca of artists, intellectuals and celebrities, full of expensive boutiques and pubs.

The residents of New York are fascinated with diet food, therefore it is best to say straightaway what type of food – diet or regular – one wants to have, as even coffee can be ordered light. It does not have much to do with healthy nutrition, considering the fact that the streets of New York are full of hot dog stands, fast food chains and diners for drivers.

The most typical meals include pancakes with maple syrup; eggs and bacon; hamburgers made with beef, pork or turkey; bagels served with different add-ons, and pizza. In most restaurants a meal consists of three dishes, and for a start, one will get free bread and butter or quiche. Usually 8% of tax is added to the bill. The prices of meals may also change depending on the time of day. Tips are welcome. An economical solution is offered by bars with open buffet, where for a few dollars one can eat without limitation.

New York is the city for shopping enthusiasts. Everything can be found there, from vintage clothes to the latest electronic gadgets. Numerous department stores are full of boutiques with modern collections, accessories and jewellery. New York is also home to flagship stores of top designers. Numerous flea markets in New York are the places where one can buy jewellery and antiques. Not everybody knows that it is worth going outside the NYC in order to do much cheaper shopping in stores with brand products (so-called outlets). There are special bus lines to the outlets in New Jersey.
Helpful info
It is best to travel around the city by public transport. There are bus lines, subway, ferries and rail. One can also use the famous yellow cabs. However, going out of the city is rather difficult. Then it is best to rent a car. It is important to remember the traffic rules because in New York there are few traffic signs, and usually the person who gets to the intersection first, goes first. Next goes the vehicle to the right. It is worth pointing out that one can find many information boards on New York roads; however, if taking a wrong road, it is better not to turn back on private properties because it is considered a violation of privacy, and in this state the house owner may use a gun in such a situation.

There are three airports near New York, with heavy traffic: JFK, La Guardia and the airport in Newark.  From the airport to the city centre, you can take a cab, a free bus or… a helicopter that costs twice as much as the cab but gets to Manhattan in only 15 minutes.

Sport activities
Although free space is a luxury in New York, there are many recreational sites in the city. Sport fans can benefit from numerous sports centres, as well as enjoy cycling, roller-blading, running, swimming, and tennis.