publication date: June 20, 2023

Arkadiusz Gawryluk the winner of the Adobe competition

Adobe, a global technology giant, has recognized the head of LOT's E-commerce office for outstanding achievements in creating an exceptional passenger experience in the virtual world. The achievements of Arkadiusz and his team have a direct impact on the development of our company, both financially and technologically.

Adobe global competition

The Adobe Experience Awards is a global competition aimed at leaders in the e-commerce and digital services industries using Adobe technology. The competition evaluates digital development, innovation and improvement of customer experience. Each year, as part of the competition, the international e-commerce community recognizes the best experts whose achievements in this field most support business growth.

The Experience Maker of the Year

LOT's Head of E-commerce Office received the award in the category of The Experience Maker of the Year in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). This award recognizes an individual who using knowledge of best practices and experience in marketing, advertising or commerce solutions, creates exceptional customer experiences, making a significant business impact on his or her team and company.

The gala ceremony took place on June 8 in London.

Congratulations and fingers crossed for the continued success of our e-commerce team!

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