What is worth to see in Austria?


The country at the foot of the Alps is associated firsy and foremost with Vienna and excellent skiing infrastructures. Very rightly so, but there are many more attractions in Austria! They are different and diverse, and they will undoubtedly delight everyone. The more so, as they look beautiful every season oft he year.

Elegant Vienna

Vienna is a synonym of majesty and elegance backed by many centuries of history and tradition. This is where the main centre of the Habsburg state was located for 600 years. Enter the world of proud Austrian past and visit the majestic Hofburg, Belweder and Schönbrunn palaces, and don't forget about the city's excellent museums and art galleries. Must to do is a walk down the Old Town's streets and admire the splendid townhouses which on their ground floors house luxurious boutiques as well as renowned restaurants and cafés, where you must try Vienna coffee and a piece of excellent Sachertorte. Don't forget to visit Prater and have a moment (preferably long) of mad fun like children do. And if get tired, go to one of the local parks or the Danube Island, where you can have a rest amidst trees after intensive sightseeing. 

Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck

mountains Mönchberg

What is there worth to see in Austria apart from Vienna? Other cities! They are as beautiful, historic and elegant. The choice is vast. When in elegant Salzburg, you will discover the outstanding heritage of W. A. Mozart, as well as the marvellous townhouse architecture, the Mirabell palace with its gardens, and the Hohensalzburg fortress that dominates the city. In Grazu, Austria's second largest urban centre, you can visit the modern art gallery Kunsthaus and the mighty arsenal with a very interesting collection of arms and armour. Also, you must remember to visit Innsbruck, Austria's capital of winter sports. Although the city is known mainly for ski jumps, it attracts visitors with it atmospheric old town with a unique oriel window called Golden Roof, and the 16th century Ambras castle.

Castles, strongholds, fortresses

Medieval castles are always a strong point in every list of Austrian attractions. There are tens of them, and they amaze tourists with their history, architecture, scale and location. Literally everything about them is amazing! Visit Lockenhaus. Built around 1200, it has an amazing shape and effective ring of defensive walls. You can even stay there for the night, as a part of the castle houses a hotel! Other impressive castle include Hochosterwitz, sitting on a 175 metre rock, and Kreuzenstein, which was built only in the 19th century as a romantic reference to Medieval structures. Mayerling became famous as the place where a son of Empress Sissi committed suicide together with his lover.

Melk and Admont – book madness


The mighty and splendid monastery in Melk is one Austria's greatest sacred attractions. If you read the Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, then you must remember Adso of Melk, one of the main characters of the novel. It is owned by the Benedictines who have lived there since as early as the 11th century! Naturally, the abbey was converted on numerous occasions and today it is one of the finest Baroque monasteries in Europe! Besides, you are going to love its excellent library whose collections include manuscripts written in the Middle Ages. Are you a book lover? If yes, you must visit also the Benedictine library in Admont. Established in the 11th century, it is the oldest monastery library in the world! Imagine a 70m x 14m room 70 packed with old books! Adding to the impression is its marvellous Baroque interior design.


The absolutely fabulous town on the shore of Hallstätter See is so beautiful that it seems surreal! Situated at the foot of the mountains and full of stylish architecture that reflects from the surface of the lake, it has been attracting crowds of tourists for many years and leads various Austrian lists of the country's most beautiful places.

 Hallstatt in Austria






Since you are in a country where mountains play the first fiddle, you should enjoy some scenic views! They are what you should see in Austria whatever the price! You must take a ride on the high Alpine road Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, which runs over a distance of 48 kilometres. On your way, will come across many viewing points, the highest of which is located at 2,571 metres a.s.l. Bear in mind, however, that the road is open only between May and November.

Three waterfall thresholds

In the mountains there must be some waterfalls, must there not? Krimml, Austria's largest waterfall, is considered by many the most beautiful in the entire Alps. It has as many as three thresholds, with the height difference between reaching 380 metres. In addition, there is also a scenic route leading from its foot top the top, so you can come up close to the falling water and venture further upstream to the point from which it falls down.

A cavern full of ice

Although a small country, Austria is packed with many fantastic places which are unique around the world. In this country, you can find Eisriesenwelt, the world's largest ice cavern, where there are 40 km of underground corridors filled with ice! Some of them are open to the public, so if you are seeking a place to cool down a bit on a hot day, Eisriesenwelt is your place.

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What is worth to see in Austria?

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