How to prepare before contact?

Need to change your reservation, check the availability of an additional service, or have doubts about the carriage of certain items? If you have not found the information you are interested in on our site, would like to make a comment, fill out a complaint form, or for any other reason contact us by phone or in writing - check out what we need to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • If you are contacting us about an existing reservation, have your reservation number ready in a prominent place before connecting with a consultant or, if you intend to make contact in writing, be sure to include your reservation number in your message - so we can provide you with faster assistance or information.

    Your reservation number (also referred to as a 'Booking Reference' or 'PNR' - Passenger Name Record) is a unique, six-character code - composed of letters and numbers - that uniquely identifies your reservation. An example format of a booking number:


    You will find your reservation number on e.g. your e-ticket confirmation or on your boarding pass after check-in.

    A screenshot showing the reservation number in the upper left corner of the e-ticket confirmation, received by the passenger via e-mail.

    Remember not to share your reservation number with third parties.

Should I call or fill in a contact form?

Depending on the nature of your case, you may need to contact us in one specific way: by phone or in writing. In addition, on some issues we are not authorized to provide information. We have prepared a list below to help you choose the form of contact:

☎ Examples of issues you will handle over the phone:

  • making or paying for an existing reservation
  • purchase of ticket or additional services
  • reservation change
  • voucher redemption

📝Examples of issues you will handle via contact form:


Information on travel documents or existing restrictions should be obtained independently from official government websites of the countries of destination.

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