Paris like from a postcard – the best places to look at the city and take a photo

Eiffel Tower

The French capital looks charming from any perspective and just about any place! This is why viewpoints should be ranked among the best attractions of the city without a moment of hesitation. Read our article and find out the spots from which to see the best panorama of the city.

1. From in front of the Sacre-Coeur Basilica

It is one of the most iconic views of Paris. Show up just before dusk, take a comfortable position on the stairs (as the locals do) and get ready for a spectacular show starring nature and architecture . In a few moments, the sun will start setting down and will cast beautiful colours on the city, which at the moment seems as if it had no limits. If you have sharp eyes, you will surely notice the towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral in the distance. You can also bring a light snack with you (as Parisians do). In the circumstances, some cheese, fruits and slices of cold meat will make one of the most beautiful suppers in your life! If you want to have an even better view (yes, it is possible!), climb the dome of the temple. It comes at a price, but the view is worth every penny!

2. From the Delle Turnelle Bridge

The Delle Turnelle Bridge is a place from which you can take a look at the majestic ribbon of the Seine and the edges of the Cité Island. From there, you will also have a scenic view of the open-work presbytery of the Notre Dame Cathedral, although, sadly, it will be spoilt for a long time to come by the scaffolding used for the on-going renovation.

3. From the Tuileries Gardens

At sunset, you can catch a view of a very nice fragment of the city from the western edge of the Tuileries Gardens, a splendid green park situated between the Louvre, Place de la Concorde and the Seine. It is one less often seen views of Paris, which is strange because in just a single frame you can fit in the glass domes of both the Grand and Small Palaces, i.e. two halls built for the World Fair in 1900, the Luxor obelisk built under Pharaoh Rameses II, as well as splendid and elegant street laps at the square. And there is also the majestic Eiffel Tower looming in the background. Not a bad view, is it?

4. From the Montparnasse Tower

Many people take it as a point of honour to get to the very top of the Eiffel Tower. Only then can they feel they have seen the most beautiful side of Paris. They are right to a great extent, but if you don't feel like standing a queue, consider the terrace of the Montparnasse, a tall skyscraper built in the late 1960s and the early 1970s. From there, at the 59th floor, you will have the entire Paris at your feet. On top of that, you will still be able to say hello to the most favourite Parisian monument, as the impressive and proud structure of the "Iron Lady" will be visible on the horizon.





5. From the Triumphal Arch

When you get to the Triumphal Arch, i.e. the monument to the victims of the French history of the early 19th century, you must climb to its observation terrace. From there you will have a view of the busy Square of the Star and the street that shoot off from it. Be advised, there is no better point in Paris to see Champs-Élysées.

6. From the Great Arc

The Triumphal Arch is not all, as you can expect equally splendid views at another grand monument - the Great Arch in the La Défense district. That ultra-modern quarter of the city boasting very sensible architectural solutions has a spectacular structure under which you could fit in the entire Notre Dame Cathedral! On your way to the top, notice the superb lifts installed in the open-work structure travelling inside the edifice. When finally there, whether permitting, you will have an opportunity to look at Europe's most phenomenal city from a distance.

7. From the Pompidou Centre

In Paris, good viewpoints can be found in completely non-obvious places. One such place is the PompidouCentre, one of the world's most important art museums. It is an original building, turned "inside-out", where in addition to the rich collection of Avant Garde art, you will get various panoramas of the city opening up from different spots on the terraces. And all that included in the price of your ticket. Paris hides lots of breathtaking views. See them all and choose your favourite one!





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