What is worth seeing in Florida?

Beach in Miami

Holidays in Miami are a brilliant idea: excellent weather, interesting architecture, fantastic beaches, great bars and restaurants make it an ideal holiday destination. And you have all attractions of Florida at your fingertips. Are you spending your holiday in Miami? Check out what is worth seeing Florida.

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Everglades National Park – face to face with a crocodile

When you decide you need a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city when on holidays in Miami, rent a car and you must see wild Florida in the Everglades National Park. Spanning across 1900 km2 of sub-tropical wetlands, the park is one of the few sites in the USA that features on the UNESCO list. Peace and quiet, numerous foot and bicycle routes which you can explore together with a guide who knows everything about the local wildlife, an opportunity to watch wild animals from the perspective of a kayak, and hovercraft cruises – these attractions await you only 70 km from the vibrant metropolis. The greatest attraction in the Everglades National Park involves watching alligators in their natural environment. The park's marshy areas of mangrove forests give you an opportunity meet also many other wild animals, including turtles, crocodiles, numerous mammals (including dolphins) and more than 200 bird species. No nature lover can afford to miss this Florida attraction.

In and around Miami – Florida's most beautiful beaches

Florida boasts all-year summer and more than 1,000 miles of sand beaches washed by the azure waters of the Atlantic. It is not surprising that it is considered a dream holiday destination. Which beaches in the vicinity of Miami are worth visiting? Surely, the Miami South Beach, a place where dozens films and TV series have been shot, is the most widely known, virtually iconic beach. South Beach is the materialisation of the American dream of freedom and fun, with white sand under your feet and oceanic breeze in your hair. It is the site which one must experience on their own sun-burnt skin. However, the Panama City Beach, located in the Gulf of Mexico, is considered the most beautiful beach in Florida. There is also the Siesta Key Beach, located near the city of Sarasota, which tops beauty rankings. When in Florida, you must also see the local symbol of luxury – the globally known Palm Beach. 

Beach in Miami

Kennedy Space Center – set off to explore space

Florida is famous for amusement parks for the whole family. The most popular ones include the Walt Disney World, which consists of as many as four theme parks and two aqua parks in which everyone can feel like a child again, the Orlando Universal Studios, where you will be transferred to the world of your favourite movies, and the SeaWorld Orlando, which is a combination of a marine park, a zoo and an amusement park. But there is only one amusement park in the world where you can see live the launch of a space shuttle – it is the Kennedy Space Center. NASA Space Center near Miami? Surely! Florida is the place for dreams to come true. The location of this extraordinary amusement park is not a coincidence, as Cape Canaveral is where all US space rockets have been launched from. In addition to rockets, you will see space shuttles, vehicles used for moving on Mars, launch sites and vast construction hangars. And if you have ever secretly dreamed of being an astronaut, sit at the controls of a flight simulator or fly to space in one of the park's 3D cinemas. Attractions of Florida are waiting for you!

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