Schiphol Airport sign at the terminal

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) was originally opened in 1916 as a military facility, but just four years later it was converted into a commercial airport. Interestingly, Amsterdam Airport has been built after draining a polder where ships were once stored for disposal. Lovers of aviation photography will appreciate the fact that in many places the airport is not surrounded by a fence, but only by water channels, which significantly simplifies taking pictures of airplanes.

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Amsterdam Schiphol is not only the largest airport in the Netherlands, but also one of the busiest in Europe. In 2019, it serviced nearly 72 million passengers - in this aspect it falls only behind the London Heathrow and the Paris Charles de Gaulle. Worth noting is the number of runways of Amsterdam Airport - the airport has as many as six of them. The taxiing time to the farthest runawy can take as long as 20 minutes!

Transfer from the airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport offers a very convinient connection to the nearby metropolis, as well as other Dutch cities. There is a train station under the passenger terminal, from which it takes less than 20 minutes to travel to Amsterdam Central Station. You can also get to the city by bus, while dedicated shuttle buses run to selected hotels near the airport. Amsterdam Schiphol is also a place, where you can find cab ranks. It's worth mentioning that passengers often choose a bicycle to get to the airport, though of course we don't recommend it if you travel with a lot of luggage. In this case, you can choose your own car, which can be left in one of the five airport parking lots.

Amenities for travellers

As an airport that handles tens of thousands of passengers a day, Amsterdam Schiphol offers many amenities for travelers. If you choose to travel through Amsterdam Airport, you can take advantage of, among other things, a green park where you can relax before your trip, a meditation center, a spa, and even a modern library. You can also use the observation deck prior to your departure. There are also places where you can buy Dutch souvenirs at the terminal. Due to the size of the Schiphol Airport, we recommend you to take a look on the airport map (opens in a new tab) before traveling.

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