For suppliers

We believe that only those who can build their business on the basis of the success of their partners are truly successful. It is this kindof success that we strive for. 

We care about building stable and long-term relations with suppliers representing good commercial practices at the highest level of professional values. We opt for partnership and joint development of the most effective solutions. We are open to suggestions and propositions of solutions from suppliers that would permit us to increase the effectiveness of the purchased solutions enabling optimization of our costs.

We carefully examine the market and expand the base of our suppliers looking for modern solutions, especially taking into account the time of execution, quality, price as well as transparency in cooperation of best purchasing practices.

In our purchasing process, we are guided by the principle of equal treatment of all suppliers. We invite both proven partners and new players to participate in our bidding process after careful verification of the market.

What is important to us when it comes to cooperation with our partners?

  • maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all business relations;
  • respect and honesty towards employees and business partners, caring about their safety and health;
  • open, transparent and effective communication;
  • diligence and precision in execution of tasks;
  • respecting the confidential character of business relations;
  • timely fulfilment of orders;
  • compliance with the provisions of law and internal regulations;
  • knowledge and experience.


Please note!

We do not act pursuant to the Public Procurement Law Act.

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