Partner airlines

Boeing 737-800 during the flight

Dreaming of traveling far away to unique places? Do you like to explore distant corners of the world? Let us make your travel dreams come true! 

Thank to our partnerships agreements, we can sell seats on flights operated by other carriers. This means you can easily fly to many corners of the world on a single fare on a single ticket

Partnerships also mean convenient travel - you can easily check in for any flight, your baggage follows you (you don't have check-in it again), and coordinated flight schedules ensure adequate time to change between flights. Explore the world with us and our partner airlines!

What is codeshare?

Through codeshare, you can buy a ticket for flights operated by other carriers, offered under PLL LOT's marketing numbers, such as LO5375 from Warsaw to Frankfurt - actually operated by Lufthansa as LH1347

This gives you the opportunity to reach many corners of the world with convenient stopovers on a single ticket with LOT designator. This also applies to destinations that LOT planes do not reach - for example, a flight from Warsaw to Lisbon on a TAP Portugal plane with flight number LO5443 (operating TP1205), or a trip from Warsaw to Edmonton with a change in Toronto on flight LO41 and then LO4117 (operating AC175).

Our tips for codeshare travels:

  • Check in with the airline that operates your first flight, pay attention to the departure time. If you do not receive boarding passes for next flights, check in with the carrier operating the next leg.
  • The baggage policy between partner airlines may differ (e.g., weight limits). Check information about baggage and other extra services on website of carriers operating the flight.

What is interline?

We maintain interline agreements with more than a hundred airlines around the world. Thanks to this partnership, you have the opportunity to travel to many destinations around the world on a single ticket, and your baggage will fly directly to your destination. 

Our tips for traveling on Interline flights

  • Check in with the airline with which you are starting your journey.
  • On interline flights, the same baggage policy and the same fare conditions apply for all parts of your journey.