Barcelona – the best attractions for children

Mom with kid on the beach

Can a big city- such Barcelona - be an interesting place for your kids? It can, as it turns out! Attractions for children in Barcelona are tailored for various tastes, needs and ages, so they should satisfy every nipper (and their parent!).

Children welcome

Hospitable, cordial and helpful, Catalans simply adore young travellers. They are eager to chat with them, help their tired guardians, and don't get irritated by shouting or moaning. On top of that, they welcome them in their cafés and restaurants, even at late hours. Indeed, there are special playground set up near bars – you can have coffee, enjoy tapas or a cake, and you kid will be having fun on a slide, a roundabout or a swing. Such playgrounds are conveniently scattered across the city, so you can take breaks during your sightseeing. If you are tempted to have holidays with kids, don't hesitate and book your flight to Barcelona today!

Seaside resort

Remember that Barcelona is a seaside city, with a beach virtually in its centre. This means that you can feel as if you are in a seaside resort even though you are in fact in the centre of a bustling metropolis! You must visit beach to sunbathe, build in the sand, play in warm water, and, on a windy day, watch surfers speeding on their boards through the waves.

Sea creatures

If there is sea, there are creatures of the deep. In 1995, Barcelonians established a place where countless species of marine plants and animals are presented. Although many other cities have followed in their footsteps since then, Barcelona's Oceanarium continues to be popular and is considered one of the largest in the world. You are going to spend at least several pleasant hours there, with your kids sent over the moon by watching the animals being fed. You can also expect some big emotions in the 80 metre tunnel which you will cross on a moving platform with sharks roaming around you! If your kid is 8 or older, you can also… dive with the predators.




Happy family on the beach

Chocolate sculptures

As it appears, children's attractions in Barcelona can give an adrenaline rush to the whole family. However, if some more peaceful entertainment is what you are after, you must visit the Museum of Chocolate. Don't deny! You will be delighted to visit a place like that yourself! Indeed, very few people can resist the sweet cocoa product. When in the museum, you will learn about history of the production of different types of confectionery, watch sculptures made of chocolate and can take part in workshops during which you will make a chocolate lollipop for yourselves to have later.

Let's play ball

Barcelona holidays with children (also the big ones!) will not be complete without visiting at Camp Nou. Seeing the home ground of one of the world's most important, popular and decorated teams is for many football fans like a dream come true. You can take a seat in the stands, have peek into the changing rooms, watch the club's collection of trophies, and do some shopping (sadly, quite expensive!) at the stadium's souvenir shop.

Miniature Catalonia

If you want to show your child the treasures of Catalonia but you have no time, will or opportunity to tour the region, you must visit Catalunya en Miniatura which is just a 30 minutes' ride from Barcelona. It is one of the most famous miniature parks not only in Spain, but in Europe as well. Also, it offers an additional attraction in the form of a ropes course. A zip-line ride is always an exciting experience!

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 Attractions for children in Barcelona