Holidays in Austria - how to spend your time

view of a vineyard in the Wachau Valley

In summer, most Poles head south through Vienna and Graz to reach Italy, Croatia or Montenegro as quickly as possible. But what if you stop on the way and... spend your holidays in Austria? You can commune with wonderful nature, hike in the mountains, swim in the lakes, as well as visit atmospheric towns, taste the cuisine and relax in the spas. The list of ideas and attractions is almost inexhaustible!


Of course, when asked about Austria’s biggest attractions, mountains are what you would first think of. And rightly so, because the enormous and majestic Alpine ranges are absolutely stunning. Just remember, that their attractions are not limited to winter sports, although the local skiing infrastructure is obviously one of the best in Europe. When you come here in the summer, they are the perfect place for great hikes - on more challenging or completely relaxing trails. You’ll surely be dazzled by the local landscape, which consists of white, soaring and snow-capped peaks, green high mountain pastures, wooden houses with red geraniums and chalets. Can you imagine a better colour palette? Can something be more beautiful?

view of the Austrian Alps


Well, the answer is yes! Among the high mountains you can also visit dozens of smaller and larger lakes that will delight you with their beauty. Be sure to visit the interesting towns and villages located above them. Zell am See is a great choice for hiking, mountain biking and swimming in the waters of the lake in the summer or skiing and snowboarding in the winter. The impressive Lake Constance, on the other hand, will make your feel like in a seaside resort, even thought you spent the holidays in Austria. Blue waves, beaches, sunbeds, drinks and other attractions typical of such places are waiting for you here. You must go on hiking to the top of Pfänder, where you can enjoy the panoramic view, and take a scenic ferry trip or visit the town of Bregenz with its stunning traditional architecture.

lake Zell am See





Cycling through Austria!

Despite its mountainous nature, Austria is an ideal destination for cycling tours. You will find here excellent infrastructure and interesting trails of different length and difficulty, combining the most important qualities of this Alpine region, namely culture and nature. Along the way you can enjoy wonderful views and visit interesting sights. If you have 10 to 14 days, opt for the 325 km long Tauern Trail, the 450 km long Mozart Trail or the slightly longer Inn Trail, which measures 520 km. You can obviously choose shorter, equally spectacular sections. The choice is up to you!

Total relaxation

If you’re not interested at all in active leisure, that's not a problem at all! You must visit of the wonderful spas where you can enjoy the beneficial thermal, brine or sulphur waters. The choice is truly enormous and the health benefits are invaluable! During your stay at the resort, take advantage of the beauty treatments, workouts and massages offered. Comprehensive body care will make you return home healthier and more relaxed, with smoother and firmer skin!

Wachau Valley

View of the Wachau Valley

One of Austria’s most beautiful attractions is the Wachau Valley, which combines cultural and natural assets into one stunning landscape that stretches for some 35 kilometres between Melk and Krems an der Donau. The local section of Danube flows through picturesque hills covered with terraced vineyards and fruit orchards, hiding behind them charming villages and valuable historical monuments. So get on a cruise ship and embark on a beautiful one-day trip. And don't forget to taste the local wine or apricot brandy!

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