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publication date: June 23, 2023

How to pack for 3 days? A practical guide for weekend travelers

Do you have a short but intense trip ahead of you? Don't know what to pack for the weekend? Don't worry! This practical guide will tell you how to pack for 3 adventurous days. Ensure your comfort and travel with style based on our list of things for a weekend trip.

List of essentials, or what to pack for the weekend?

1. Start packing for the weekend by.... Choosing the right suitcase or travel bag

Choosing the right luggage is essential for a successful trip. If you're planning a short trip of 3 days, you'll usually only need a small cabin suitcase or a comfortable travel bag that is both simple, flexible and casual. The advantage of a sports bag is also that it is a multifunctional product - you can successfully use it on your way to the gym, for example! For keen hikers, on the other hand, a sturdy rucksack may be more convenient, as it will be lightweight and easy to carry when changing locations frequently

large travel bag, how to pack for 3 days

How to pack for 3 days? Your luggage should, first and foremost, be roomy - after all, it has to hold everything on our list of essentials for a weekend trip. When choosing the perfect luggage, also consider its practicality and ease of carrying and.... don't forget to label it! Attaching even a small key ring can ensure that your luggage does not fall into the wrong hands (by accident, of course!).

2. Before you head out for a weekend trip, set an itinerary and match your clothes to it

Before you pack your luggage, remember that your clothes should be suitable for the weather of the destination and the activities you have planned for your holiday.

How do I pack for 3 days without forgetting anything? It all depends on whether you plan to explore the city or relax on the beach during your trip. Or are you going on a business trip? Matching your clothes to your planned activities is key, especially if you're going away for such a short time. Make sure your suitcase has clothes for every eventuality and remember that the weather can play tricks! Take clothes with you that can be worn in layers and be prepared for changing weather conditions.

The sight of an open suitcase packed for a seaside vacation

What to take to the sea?

Check out what 7 things you can't miss in your suitcase!

Check our guide (opens in a new tab)
Check our guide (opens in a new tab)

3. Plan your suitcase packing with your head - limit the number of things you take with you

Remember it's only a 3-day trip? If possible, limit the number of things you take with you. Avoid over-packing and focus on the essential items you will need to travel comfortably. Opt for versatile items and clothes that can be easily put together to create different looks, and (if possible and you're not going on a business trip, for example) limit the number of pairs of shoes to.... one. You have to admit that (if anything) extra footwear takes up quite a bit of space in your suitcase.

A pile of clothes while packing a suitcase, how to pack for 3 days

4. What to pack for a 3-day trip? My list of things to take

If you still don't know how to pack for 3 days and need specifics - we have something especially for you. Below you'll find a ready-made list of things to take on a weekend trip, which will definitely make packing your suitcase easier. Of course, this is just a suggestion - feel free to adapt the list to your needs and use it every time you face the challenge of... packing clothes. Also remember to limit the number of items, choose functional clothes that can be easily put together and keep your luggage tidy with extra bags and containers, which are always a good idea to have with you.


  • A base set: three sets of clothes, consisting of an undershirt, T-shirt, blouse or shirt (depending on what you feel most comfortable in), as well as trousers, shorts or a skirt (possibly a dress to replace both your top and bottom). If you like to mix and match clothes or simply want to save space in your luggage - choose versatile clothes in neutral colours that are sure to go together.
  • Layers: a light jacket (preferably with a hood), jumper or sweatshirt to protect you from the cold.
  • Swimsuit: if you will have access to a pool or beach during your trip, don't forget to bring a swimming costume.
  • Personal underwear and pyjamas
  • Footwear: shower flip-flops and a pair of comfortable shoes, such as sandals, trainers or lightweight sneakers. Remember that your comfort is the most important thing when travelling!
  • Headwear: if you're planning a sunshine holiday or packing for the seaside, remember to bring a hat or a classic cap to protect your head from the excessive sun.
Open suitcase on blue background, how to pack for 3 days

Toiletries and hygiene items

  • Toiletries in miniature: if you want to save space when packing your luggage, take along small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, bath lotion, moisturiser, sun cream or whatever else you happen to be using. Check also how to carry liquids correctly in your luggage.
  • Personal care items: it is a good idea to pack a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, tissues and a razor for a two-day trip (check whether you can carry razor blades in your luggage). If you plan to take cosmetics or perfume with you, make sure they are packed correctly.
  • Quick-dry towel
  • A small first aid kit: also remember to take plasters, painkillers and bandages with you.

Accessories and time easers

  • Shoe bags: it's a good idea to have shoe bags with you, which will be useful for separating your shoes from the rest of the things in your luggage.
  • Map or guidebook: if there's one thing worth packing for a holiday, it's a map or guidebook. Having handy tips and information about the place you intend to visit is essential!
  • A fabric shopping bag: in addition to your clothes, it's worth taking a simple fabric bag - this will be especially useful if you intend to do some shopping during your trip.
  • Sunglasses and sun cream
  • Umbrella
  • Book or magazine: be prepared for boredom on the plane and take a book with you to read during the journey. On board our planes you will also find Kaleidoscope magazine, which is sure to satisfy your reading needs, as well as a digital press available to all passengers! 

Kaleidoscope in-flight magazine

Check out the latest issue of our monthly in-flight magazine.

Read Kaleidoscope
Read Kaleidoscope


  • Identity card or passport: check what documents you will need during your trip.
  • Airline tickets
  • Booking confirmation printouts: if you want to avoid extra stress when you land, make sure you have your accommodation or car rental booking confirmation documents with you. You can also have them in electronic form, but remember - your phone can simply go out of order at any time. Also make a note of the address and contact details of the hotel where you are staying and don't get bogged down with the difficulties of finding your way around.
  • Money and a payment card: Necessary for day-to-day expenses will of course be.... money. Keep it both on your payment card and in cash - after all, you never know when you might need it and in what form! Remember to exchange money at an exchange office before you leave and to make sure how much money you can carry on the plane.


electric shaver

Are you taking electronics with you?

Read more about the carriage of electronic devices on board our aircraft.

Read more about electronic devices onboard
Read more about electronic devices onboard

5. A list of things isn't everything - apply a few simple tricks and make the most of the available space!

How to pack for 3 days? If you want to make the most of the available space in your suitcase, follow a few simple tricks. Fold your clothes carefully so that they fit in your suitcase without getting crumpled. To do this, instead of folding your clothes into cubes, opt for... rolling! This type of packing works especially well for lightweight cotton garments such as T-shirts and dresses. Lay larger garments, such as a jacket or sweatshirt, flat on the bottom of the suitcase. It's also a good idea to have special bottles for toiletries to prevent leaks and keep your luggage tidy, as well as some fabric bags for dirty clothes. If you're worried about your luggage exceeding the weight allowance, put on your heaviest clothes and shoes

Backpacking standing on a rock, how to pack for 3 days

As you can see, packing for a 3-day trip can be easy and fun. Especially if you know what to look out for and.... have our list of things to pack to hand. When planning a 3-day trip, it's also a good idea to consider your needs and preferences, be a minimalist and only take the things you really need. After all, who likes to travel laden with luggage? So bow out of the overload and enjoy the freedom of traveling! 

Do you want to know what the maximum weight of the suitcase you are taking on board is? Find out about the rules for carrying luggage on our flights!

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