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Israel, a country of great traditions and culture

Explore biblical times and visit the most important religious cities in Israel.  Immerse in traditions of Jerusalem by visiting the Muslim Temple Mount, the Christian Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre and the Wailing Wall, the most sacred place of Judaism. Reserve some time for a tour of Yad Vashem. The world's main centre of Holocaust remembrance, it will help you understand the turbulent history of the Jewish people. Need to change climate? Go to Tel Aviv! Not only is it the country's main tourist centre, but also a modern city where you will be amazed by scenic beaches, numerous art galleries and excellent restaurants. Jafa is a different story. Walking down the streets of that ancient city, you will feel the unique atmosphere of the former might of the country. Don't forget to plan a trip to the Dead Sea - taking a bath there is a must-do item on the tourist map of Israel! Travel in time and space, and book your flights to Israel!

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