Airmail is the oldest shipment transported on air in history and first transported shipment on LOT Polish Airlines board in 1929. Since then we have been delivering mail to dozen of destinations around the world. At the present time, we see that the content of mail bags has been changed from letters to packages mostly  ordered via Internet sales channels over time. It caused continuous grow of the transportation needs. However, it is not just the world that grows together with airmail and e-commerce, your possibilities also can grow with our service.

On our boards we are able to carry all kinds of mail shipments, such as: priority and non-priority parcels, letters and Express Mail Service (EMS). We are ready to ship:

  • to, from and within Europe
  • to and from Asia
  • to and from North America.

Our service is safe and efficient, our staff is always ready to help and support you!

Many of customers already trust us! Would you like to join them?

What we can offer for our clients?

  1. Delivery to over 70 destination around the World.
  2. EDI message exchange in the latest version of CARDIT/RESDIT.
  3. HUB located in Warsaw -  perfect point of transit within whole Europe.
  4. Dedicated mail team – ready to answer your every questions.
  5. Continuous improvement of our airmail system to ensure the best quality of service.
  6. Flexible capacity depending on the season and your volumes.
  7. Creative solutions tailored to your needs.

We invite you to contact our AIRMAIL Team: