Are there any additional fees for purchasing a ticket?

The price you see in the basket is the final price for the ticket, which includes all taxes and fees. When purchasing on our website, no additional transaction fee is charged - such a fee must be paid when purchasing a ticket at our Contact Center and at the airport (it depends on the market on which the reservation is made).

Country Transaction fee
Austria 30 EUR
Belgium 30 EUR
Denmark 250 DKK
Finland 30 EUR
France 30 EUR
Spain 30 EUR
Netherlands 30 EUR
Canada 30 CAD
Deutschland 30 EUR
Poland (intercontinental flights) 95 PLN
Poland (international flights) 80 PLN
Poland (domestic flights) 64,8 PLN
Russia 1400 RUB
Switzerland 40 CHF
Sweden 300 SEK
Great Britain 20 GBP
Italy 30 EUR
Japan 5000 JPY

When you buy directly on our website, you have the Best Price Guarantee!