Extra baggage

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You do not have to limit the volume of baggage you are taking with you! By making a pre-payment you save up to 20%!

Contact us to take this special offer:

  • Up to 12 h before your scheduled departure time, for short-haul or domestic flights.
  • Up to 24 h before your scheduled departure time, for intercontinental flights.

Pay for your extra baggage in Manage Booking, via the Contact Center or at our ticketing office at the airport.

  • Prices for extra baggage start from:

    • 115 PLN/27 EUR/29 USD on domestic flights within Poland (+ VAT 8%),
    • 120 PLN/30 EUR/35 CAD on short- and midhaul flights within Europe, the Middle East (i.g UAE, Saudi Arabia) and Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan),
    • 290 PLN/64 EUR/68 USD/90 CAD/9700 JPY/88 000 KRW/5500 INR/25 000 HUF on long-haul flights to/from North America and East Asia.

    You will see the exact fee when you create your reservation or via Manage My Booking tab.