Palace of Culture in Warsaw, where to go on vacation in Poland

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update: June 30, 2023

Where to go on vacation in Poland? 12 cities worth considering!

You don't have to travel very far - beautiful landscapes, world-class monuments, fantastic cuisine and rich cultural heritage are closer than you expect! Go on holidays in Poland, visit Polish cities and discover all the secrets of one of the most colourful countries in Central and Eastern Europe! From the sea to the mountains - plan your dream Poland holiday and book your flights to Poland today!

Warsaw, Krakow or maybe Wroclaw? Discover 12 ideas for attractive vacations in Poland!

From this article, you'll learn:

  • What cities in Poland are worth visiting?
  • From where can you see the most beautiful view of the Warsaw skyline
  • Which Polish city is called the Venice of the North?
  • In which city is the European Solidarity Center located?
  • Why is Wroclaw called the city of love?
  • Where will you drink the best Polish wine?
  • Which city should you choose for canoeing?

1. Warsaw - the city that never sleeps

Tradition and modernity, great culture and never-ending funWarsaw is a city of contrasts, where old bourgeois tenement houses adjacent to breathtaking glass skyscrapers. You won't get bored here!

Follow the interesting museums, beautiful parks, mysterious alleys full of charming cafés and the best restaurants in the world, which await you at every turn!





Be there after dark and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the great capital! But don't forget about the daytime attractions - visit the Palace of Culture and Science, go up to the 30th floor and enjoy the wonderful panorama of the city.

Planning to spend your holidays in Poland with children? Check out our blog and explore Warsaw in the footsteps of Warsaw tales and legends!

Zlota Street in Warsaw, where to go on vacation in Poland

2. Bydgoszcz - the pearl of Kujawy

One city, many possibilities - welcome to Bydgoszcz! Called the Venice of the North and Little Amsterdam, impresses even the most discerning travellers. Don't believe it?

Take a cruise aboard the water tram and admire the most valuable monuments of the Old Town, from the Gothic cathedral of St. Martin and Nicholaus, to the building of the Polish Post Office and the stunning Mill Island with half-timbered granaries. 





Get to know the culinary side of the city and taste the golden drink at Bydgoszcz Brewhouse. It goes well with the goose and bread with potatoes!

The river canal in Bydgoszcz, where to go on vacation in Poland?

3. Gdansk - the city of freedom

If you're planning a holiday in Poland, then visiting Gdansk cannot be missing from your list! This rich, old-Hanseatic port city will attract your attention not only with its beautiful beaches, but amaze you with interesting monuments, such as the Crane Gate, the Fountain of Neptune, Artus Court or St. Mary's Church, the largest brick church in the world with a famous astronomical clock





Gdansk is also an important place for the modern history - visit the European Solidarity Center and see how a small social movement saved Europe from the communism. 

During the walk, visit one of the traditional stalls and learn about the history of Polish gold, amber. What could be better than buying a beautiful jewellery?

A bird's eye view of Gdansk at sunset, where to go on vacation in Poland?

4. Katowice - the cradle of Polish industry

Katowice is an important business centre that has a lot to offer also for tourists! Especially for enthusiasts of industrial architecture - choose the Industrial Monuments Route and visit Nikiszowiec, one of the most interesting mining estates from the beginning of the 20th century. It consists of familoki, the unusual red brick workers' buildings, connected by characteristic ties supported on wide arcades. 

The cultural side of the city has the same value - the Market Square with the modernist Silesian Theatre, the building of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra and the famous Spodek arouse admiration at first sight. You cannot miss these places!





Write down the names of these places for yourself, because when spending your vacations in Poland - you can't miss them! Learn about Katowice's top attractions and see where you'll take the best photos on Instagram!

Market in Katowice in the evening, where to go on vacation in Poland?

5. Cracow - with a visit to Polish kings

If you're spending your holidays in Poland, then you must visit the royal capital as well! Krakow is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A jewel in the Polish crown, it perfectly mixes the centuries-old traditions with modernity

See it for yourself and stroll along the cobbled streets, soaking up the unique city atmosphere full of glory and historic pride. The beautiful Old Town Square with the Cloth Hall and St. Mary's Basilica is an absolute must-have for every stay!





Beautiful views you will also get at Wawel Castle - the former royal seat is a place full of mysterious chambers, interesting exhibits and extraordinary dungeons waiting to be discovered! And this spectacular panorama... will make you feel like the ruler of the world!

Want to know more before your holiday in Poland? Check out the article about the most important attractions in Krakow!

Panorama of Krakow on the Vistula River, where to go on vacation in Poland?

6. Lublin - the city that inspires

The Pearl of the East, the city of inspiration and the capital of one of the most beautiful Polish regions - it must be Lublin! Magic routes, lovely alleys and historic tenement houses evoke the spirit of old times, thanks to which visiting the city isn't only a beautiful adventure, but also a solid package of historical knowledge

During sightseeing, you cannot miss the Krakow Gate, the Dominican monastery and the most valuable monument of medieval art in Europe, the Holy Trinity Chapel with a beautiful Byzantine-Ruthenian interior polychrome. This is the place where you want to go back!




Summer panorama of Lublin, Poland, where to go on vacation in Poland?

7. Poznan - small joys, great experiences

The capital of Greater Poland is steeped in over 1000 years of history. From the oldest defensive stronghold in Ostrow Tumski, to the seat of the first Polish king and the centre of the Piast statePoznan is a witness of great historical events that influenced the fate of the entire Polish nation. 

It's also a modern metropolis, an important international trade fair centre and a bustling city where the multitude of attractions can make you dizzy.





A beautiful Old Town with colourful tenement houses, a Renaissance town hall with charming billy goats and Stary Browar, one of the most interesting shopping and art centres, should be included in your itinerary for holidays in Poland. You will not regret it!

colorful townhouses in the market square in Poznan. where to go on vacation in Poland?

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8. Rzeszów - the undiscovered charm of the Galician countryside

Rzeszow is a little-known and rarely visited city by both foreign and Polish tourists. It's time to change it! Find all the colours of the old Galician town and feel the multicultural atmosphere emerging from almost every nook and cranny. 

Walk around the Old Town and see how beautiful are the trapezoidal Main Market Square with the 19th-century town hall, the Gothic church of St. Stanislao and Wojciech and well-reconstructed synagogues. 





Learn about the medieval history of the city in the Underground Tourist Route, and feel like a child in the Bedtime Cartoons Museum. Don't forget about the castle-fortress, Art Nouveau villas, numerous parks and gardens - Rzeszow is a city for everyone!

Garden in Rzeszów, where to go on vacation in Poland?

9. Szczecin - a green oasis of calm

85 km of coastline, the Sea Gate, an international commercial port and ... no access to the sea! However, Szczecin is intersected by the majestic Oder River, which you can admire from the terraces of Chrobry Embankment.

Within the city area you will also find other water reservoirs, such as Dabie, Głebokie and the unusually colourful Emerald Lake. And this is only the beginning of the attractions, because on land you'll find more wonders!





Explore the star-shaped city squares modelled on the markets of Paris, stroll along Staromlynska Street full of historic eighteenth-century tenement houses and visit the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, where you will find a monument to Prince Boguslaw X and Anna Jagiellon, a statue of Bishop Otto of Bamberg and beautiful sundials. In Szczecin, the great stories are guaranteed!

A bird's eye view of Szczecin on the Oder River, where to go on vacation in Poland?

10. Wrocław - the European Capital of Culture 2016

Multicultural, mysterious, majestic - Wroclaw is a city of love. It's not a surprise, because fascinating architecture, magic old town alleys and countless bridges are the perfect backdrop for romantic walks in the moonlight. 

Feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the city and visit the unique Ostrow Tumski with gas lanterns, the University with the magnificent Baroque Aula Leopoldina and the Old Town Square with a beautiful Gothic town hall





Admire the local colour and see what is hidden in the local museums, art galleries and theatres. A huge selection of artistic events means that there is no time for boredom in Wroclaw!

panorama of Wroclaw, where to go on vacation in Poland?

11. Zielona Gora - a land flowing with wine

Zielona Gora, like the Eternal City of Rome, is spread out on seven hills, which not only provide breathtaking views, but also hide many surprising places. One of them is ... the vineyards - it's here that the centuries-old tradition of Polish winemaking is reborn.

Visit the Wine Museum and learn about the rich history of the beverage from Zielona Gora which has been conquering not only Polish tables for many years. After a solid dose of knowledge, relax in the modern, glass Palm House or take a walk around the historic Old Town. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky to participate in the Grape Harvest Festival?




Vineyard near Zielona Gora, where to go on vacation in Poland?

12. Olsztyn - in the shadow of great lakes and forests

Green is everywhere - everyone who spends their holiday in Olsztyn will confirm. Within the city limits there are as many as 16 lakes and one of Europe's largest forest complexes. Olsztyn is the perfect place to spend your holiday in Poland.

You can relax on the beach, go kayaking, wade through forest swamps... Close contact with nature is guaranteed! Do you prefer the big city life to the singing of wild birds? No problem - Olsztyn is a place of great history and even greater culture!





Follow the footsteps of Nicolaus Copernicus - admire the master's former seat of the Gothic Warmia Chapter Castle, visit the astronomical observatory in the historic water tower and watch the cosmic spectacle in the planetarium.

Visit, relax and soak up the energy of the city. And don't forget to listen to the local bugle call played at noon from the tower of the New Town Hall. "Oh, Warmia my love" - this sound will accompany you for a long time!

Masuria - a sailboat on a lake, where to go on vacation in Poland?

We probably don't need to convince you any longer that a vacation in Poland is a good idea? Then ... pack your suitcase and let yourself go on a Slavic adventure by booking flights to Poland!

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Get inspired and plan your dream vacation in Poland!

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