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China – in search of a red dragon

The Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City in Beijing? Rice terraces or tea plantations? The choice is difficult, for China is full of captivating sites which you must see at least once in your lifetime. Cross the gates of the Forbidden City and see the majesty of the seat of the ancient emperors. Enjoy the views of the Great Wall of China and appreciate the natural values of the Valley of Nine Fortified Villages (Jiuzhaigou). In the stunning mountain scenery of Tianmen, you will notice the Sky Gate, i.e. the world's highest lying cave, while the Huanglong Valley will lead you to gorgeous pandas and plantations of aromatic tea. The modern face of China can be found in Shanghai, whose impressive skyscrapers can easily compete with the largest European business centres! Discover all delights of the Central Kingdom and book flights to China!

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