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Sweden, a land of thousands of lakes, evergreen forests and stunning historic monuments – a true pride of Scandinavia. Go to Stockholm – the posh and elegant Swedish capital has a few surprises in store! Visit the Baroque Royal Castle (Kungliga Slottet) and go to at least one of the city's more than 70 museums. Don't forget to say hello to the royal family! Do you like combining relaxation in the wild with sightseeing of historic monuments? Go to Scania, where fabulous national parks with numerous bicycle routes neighbour with spectacular and splendid castles. Similarly, Gotland, or… the Island of Vikings. Spend a lazy afternoon on one of its sandy beaches, or admire the cultural value of the historic town of Visby. The Medieval architecture, numerous towers and interesting art galleries will stay in your memory for a long time! One must not forget about Gothenburg – Sweden's second-largest city, which entices with its dynamic culture, historic structures, and renowned museums. This bustling port city is also the gateway to the country's west coast.

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