An animal in the baggage hold

Jack russell terrier in a travel box. Obedient dog in carry for safe transport.

Travel with your pet!

You can take a dog, a cat or a ferret on board our planes. Please note that the number of animals on any given type of aircraft is limited. Check the availability of the service by booking your ticket on or later, up to 12 hours before departure, in Manage My Booking.

Remember that if your pet is travelling in the baggage hold, the temperature inside will be appropriately adjusted. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of travelling with your beloved pet like that!

Pets in the baggage hold

If you are transporting an animal in the baggage hold, make sure it has comfortable conditions during the travel. The transporter must meet the requirements set forth in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animals Regulations.

Only one adult animal is allowed in one transporter, except for animals at the age of max. 6 months from the same litter, and then the number may not exceed three animals in one transporter. 

Remember that the container in which your animal is to be transported must be:

  • big enough for the animal to move freely and be able to stand, turn and lie down,
  • clean, tight and securely closed, and the bottom has to be lined with absorbent from the inside,
  • equipped with a water and feed container,
  • ventilated on at least three sides,
  • made of fibreglass, metal, rigid plastics, solid wood or plywood, without any wheels attached (if it has such wheels, please remove them at check-in).
  • NOTE! The containers must not be made entirely of welded mesh or wire mesh. Such containers are not suitable for air transport.

Please, note that if the container is too small or does not meet the IATA requirements, we reserve the right to refuse to transport the pet at check-in.

Charges for the transport of animals in baggage hold

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