History of the Bombardier Q400

On January 1, 2023, after 7 years of service with LOT Polish Airlines, the last scheduled flight of the Bombardier Q400 in LOT's livery took place. Thus, with the departure of the Dash, the propeller era, which lasted 94 years, came to an end.

The Bombardier Q400, also known as the Dash, is a Canadian-made turboprop aircraft. The first aircraft of this type landed in Warsaw in 2012, and 3 years later, after the liquidation of Eurolot, the planes joined LOT's fleet. Bombardiers flew both domestic and short-haul routes around Europe. On December 6, 2022, there was a farewell flight of the Q400 for all lovers of the aircraft, and on January 1, 2023, the "Dash" made its last scheduled flight from Gdansk to Warsaw. There were a total of 12 aircraft of this type in our fleet, and 78 passengers could board each of them.

Facts and figures

  • 8,800,000 passengers carried.
  • 168,000 flights made on 72 routes.
  • 138,000 hours in the air.
  • 187 pilots.
  • 1003 cabin crew members took care of the comfort and safety of passengers.
  • 2h 50 min - that was the duration of one of the longest Bombardier Q400 routes from Zielona Gora to Burgas

Special liveries

Q400 special livery - 100th anniversary of the Polish Aeroclub

100th Anniversary of the Polish Aeroclub

Bombardier q400 special livery - Tel Aviv Jerusalem

Tel Aviv Jerusalem

Bombardier q400 special livery - Ptasie mleczko

Ptasie Mleczko

Bombardier Q400 ( formerly known as DHC-8 ) - canadian contruction stands out right away from the rest of the LOT fleet by sporting a pair of highly efficient turbo-prop engines. Operating on short-haul and domestic flights, Bombardier Q400 provides comfortable journey at an efficency unparalleled by it's jet counterparts.

Bombardier Q400 Seat Plan

Specification Value
Length 32,83 m
Height 8,34 m
Wingspan 28,42 m
Fuselage diameter 2,69 m
Maximum take-off mass 28 998 kg / 29 257 kg
Number of seats 78
Aircraft engine 2x PW150A
Cruising speed 667 km/h
Range 2040 km
Maximum fuel 6747 liters
Operational ceiling 7620 m
Number of items 12


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