Weekend in Budapest

Panoramic view of Budapest

There are very few better destinations for a weekend city break than the vibrant capital of Hungary. Whether you are a tireless partygoer, a family person looking for good time with your loved ones, or a fan of interesting architecture and history – Budapest always has a lot to offer! See the best attractions of Budapest.

Weekend in Budapest

Budapest - a city with an atmosphere

Although Budapest is similar to Warsaw (opens in a new tab) in terms of size, it is more like Prague (opens in a new tab). What makes it stand out, however, is that it is more varied and perhaps more relaxed. Walking around Budapest, you will notice that although the city is getting more beautiful every year, not all its sites are renovated, which gives you an opportunity to notice its authenticity and unique mysteriousness. This is made deeper by the totally different language, which has borrowed a few words from its Slavic neighbours (e.g. the Polish word "kapusta" is "kapószta"), and a touch of Transylvania, which in fact has a Hungarian origin. 

Fascinating architecture

You will get that impression from the Castle District with the Royal Castle, which dominates the city, and numerous Neo-Gothic, including Matthias Church. The nearby defensive towers offer a spectacular view of the Danube-divided city and the best known Budapest's historic monument, i.e. the building of Parliament House (Országház in Hungarian), on the other side of the river. The most captivating Neo-Gothic building in the capital of Hungary, it makes a tremendous impression both outside and from the perspective of its chambers, where the Neo-Gothic style is mixed the baroque luxury. It is true that some people love visiting historic monuments and some others not so much, but the Parliament House is a must-see attraction in Budapest for everyone – you are not going to regret this trip.

Buda and Pest

You can hardly ever get bored walking around Budapest, not only its stunning architecture (St. Stephen's Cathedral is a perfect example of Classicism). Budapest's diverse countenance is what makes the city unique. The Danube is the axis of the capital, as it separates two historically detached cities: the atmospheric and hilly Buda with its Castle District on the right bank, and the more metropolitan Pest on the left. You can admire both walking down the riverside boulevards or taking a ferry cruise, which is available also by night.

bird's eye view of Budapest

Something indulge your palate

Planning a city break in Budapest, you must consider night attractions offered by the city. However, before you give in to the night madness, you should enjoy Hungarian delicacies. The choice is wide! What makes the Budapest cuisine stand out is certainly paprika, and the best known dish is goulash (e.g. Pörkölt). Indeed, Hungarian goulash is delicious, and very warming and nourishing to that. It is a perfect choice when you visit the city in the autumn or spring, or during colder evening in August. Hungarian fish soup (halászlé), considered to be the best in the world, is a lighter and equally tasty alternative. Since you are still in Central Europe, it would be unusual not to wash down your meal with something stronger. Sweet tokaji (the liqueur-like Aszú is the sweetest and most expensive) is ordered to go with desserts. Other alcohols popular in Budapest include pálinka, a fruit brandy that resembles the Polish śliwowica, or plum brandy, and is up to 70% strong!

Budapest by night

When spending a weekend in Budapest, you must experience the Hungarian capital's night life. The so-called ruin bars, the most popular (and crowded) of which are Szimpla Kert and Instant, enjoy a well deserved fame. They owe their special atmosphere to their fancy character, wide, often half-open spaces, and a mixture of avant-garde with kitsch and dinginess. They are not only places to just have a drink, but to party all night, and during daytime – a special tourist attraction for just about anyone.

A bit of relax

A good option to finish a weekend in the capital of our Hungarian friends by going to one of the famous Budapest thermal baths: Gellert or Szechenyi. Housed in artistic and historic palaces, they offer several swimming pools and saunas each. A body treatment in historic interiors is an excellent finale to your Hungarian escapade. Budapest's thermal springs are a fantastic attraction!

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