Places to see and visit in the vicinity of Split

island Hvar in Croatia

The neighbourhood of Split is a truly fairy-tale land packed with various wonders of nature and architecture. There are also many places where you can feel the unique atmosphere of small Adriatic towns. An excellent destination for a short city break, Split can also be a fine base outings during holidays in Croatia.

Ancestor of Split

For a start, from Split go to the town of Solin, or the ancient Salona. In the ancient times, it was a vibrant metropolis. Sadly, it did not survive an invasion of barbarians and was razed to the ground around 640 BC. Its residents fled to the sea shore where they found shelter in the magnificent and imposing summer palace of Emperor Diocletian, which would subsequently develop into Split. Their original home is today a fascinating archaeological site with numerous remains of the rich ancient city.

Ruins of the ancient city of Salona (Solin)

Trogir full of historic monuments

Trogir is another pearl of the Adriatic which you cannot afford to miss during your Croatian holidays. It is a port town full of historic monuments, whose life since the Middle Ages has been unfolding on a square which today bears the name of John Paul II. Among buildings that surround it is the city's most prominent historic monument - the cathedral of St. Lawrence. Have a closer look at it, for the cathedral is an outstanding work of Dalmatian art. Although its construction process took a long time, from around 1200 to 1598, it was not completed according to the original plan and misses one tower. The other tower is open to tourists. You must tak that unique opportunity, the vast view from its top is really breathtaking! When you come down, take a look at the other buildings at the square – the city lodge, the Church of St. Barbara, the clock tower, the Duke's Palace, the Church of St. John the Baptist and the Grand Cipiko Palace. Take your time, stop for a cup of coffee, and feel the unique charm of Trogir. Then visit Riva, where you will find a characteristic tower - the symbol of the city. You can climb it and admire the view of the neighbourhood. From there, you will have the best view of the intricate structure of the cathedral's tower, and of the canal and harbour, which cannot be seen from the cathedral.

The charming town of Trogir in Croatia

Pirates' fortress

A short distance from Split there is Omiš, a small and quite popular town situated at the foot of high rocks. It attracts visitors with its atmospheric old town and nice bars, where you can have a cup of coffee and try local delicacies, and with a fortress which provided shelter to pirates, as the legend goes. To get there, you will have to take a demanding walk up hill, but the views are well worth the effort. If you happen to visit the town in August, you will have an opportunity to take part in a festival and listen to the famous Dalmatian klapa.

Aerial view of mountains, river and orange roofs of houses in Omis village





Lavender island

The neighbourhood of Split include also amazing islands. You must visit the island of Hvar, which is famous for its lavender crops. If you came there in late spring and early summer, you will be amazed by the fields that resemble violet carpets. When collected, lavender flowers are used in cosmetology and cooking – you must try a lavender cake and wash it down with lavender lemonade. The island's most popular city bears the same name – Hvar. Dating back to the Middle Ages and Renaissance, its buildings are a testament to Hvar's former splendour. They are concentrated mainly around St. Stephen's Square, where there is a cathedral, a city lodge and an arsenal. The city is dominated by an imposing fortress from which two rows of robust defensive walls come gently down the slope. The route to the fortress is quite steep and leads on a gravel path lined by agaves, aloes and other succulents. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, visit its much calmer neighbour – Stary Grad, where the atmosphere is truly idyllic and peaceful. From Split, you can take a cruise to the green Mljet, Brač with its famous scenic beaches, and the remote, idyllic and peaceful Vis.

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