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Printable activities for you and your kids

Activities for kids

We like sharing our passion for flying, fascinating with sky travel and showing the beauty of planes. Now, we also invite you and your children to join the world of LOT. We hope the selection of puzzles in the air climate will let you to spend a nice time at home, and maybe even encourage you to make plans for future trips. After all, nothing better stimulates the imagination than having fun together!

Color our Dreamliners, look for hidden pictures related to sky journeys and solve the clues of the crossword puzzle.

Coloring page 1

Coloring page 1Our Dreamliner in the Polish national colors. Have fun coloring it!

Coloring page 2

Coloring page 2The other coloring page presents Dreamliner seen from the tail side. Do you see how wide are the wings?

Hidden pictures 

Ukryte elementy LOTPractice your visual perception by finding hidden pictures. Once you find them all, have a look at the attached English glossary.

Crossword puzzle

Krzyżówka LOT
Solve a crossword with our aviation mascot LOTek. Enter the answers and read the password.