Restoration of tree stands in the Runowo Forest District

Thanks to our cooperation with the Runowo Forest District, in the autumn of 2022 we carried out the process of restoring the trees in the forests affected by the storm. We planted a total of 48,650 seedlings on over 7 hectares of land. These activities were made possible by contributions from our passengers under the Destination ECO program.

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Why do we renew tree stands?

In 2017, the forests belonging to the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Toruń (including the Runowo Forest District mentioned above) suffered significant damage as a result of high winds. Not only economic stands, but also seed stands, nature reserves and monuments were destroyed. Removal of the consequences of this storm continues to this day.

What are the results of our efforts?

The above activities are an example of care for environmental protection, which translates into improved quality of life and protection of natural heritage.

The restoration of forest stands is a key post-foliation activity. It allows the restoration of natural conditions for animals and plants, which improves biodiversity. Afforestation of land counteracts soil erosion and thus has a positive impact on the protection of agricultural land and water quality.

Forests are one of the best natural carbon sinks, planting trees is a key action against climate change. Increasing the area of forests and their quality is an important element in reducing carbon emissions.