A holiday in the Czech Republic - interesting vacation destinations

Fields in the Ostrawa

You don't know how to spend your time in the Czech Republic and are not sure whether going on holiday there is a good idea? There are at least several reasons that will tell you it is an excellent idea!

Little Tuscany

In Moriavia, you will be taken to Tuscany! It's not a joke - when on holidays in the Czech Republic, you can feel as if you were relocated to that picturesque Italian region for a while! The gently undulating countryside is covered with intensively green vineyards, and the local wine is attracting an increasing number of fans. Perhaps you will become one as well? When over there, you must visit the magnificent Valtice-Lednice palace and garden complex.

A country flowing with beer

When asked about things to do in the Czech Republic, one is compelled to say: taste beer! Our western neighbour is famous for its tremendous brewing tradition, and to this day produces dozens of types of this golden beverage in hundreds of breweries. Travel that path, discover new flavours and when doing so, explore the region where they come into being. You can also relish beer-based dishes, and even go to a beer spa, where you will become personally acquainted with cosmetic values of hops!

czech beer Svijany with panorama

Rock cities and caves

Nature might not be the best asset when it comes to Czech attractions, but… it does not mean you will not find anything of interest there! For example, there are "rock cities", i.e. peculiar and vast rock formations that take various, often very sophisticated forms. Although Adrspach is definitely No.1 tourist destination in this respect, you should certainly visit Bohemian Paradise and Bohemian Switzerland as well. There is also Moravian Karst, where four of over 1,500 caves are open to the public.

Mild summits

You will find something for yourself also in the Czech mountains. You can climb Sněžka, which is both the highest summit in the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) and the highest point in the Czech Republic. You can also trek Brdy, the highest Czech mountain range, or Jeseník Mountains, a low-key range that will give you a lot of joy from contact with nature. In addition, when staying with our southern neighbours, you can also ski. To this end, choose Špindlerův Mlýn, a beautiful resort in the Giant Mountains and the largest ski centre in the country.





By the beautiful blue Vltava

There is also the Vltava River, which beautifully meanders around a number of cites, including the Czech capital. Vltava Cascade is the favourite rest and recreation site among Prague residents. It has camping sites and holiday centres, and tourist can take scenic trips on board cruise vessels. You can also have a look at Vltava from the Na Vraném rock near the town of Solenice, where it looks like a beautiful ribbon meandering a deep canyon.

Go to spa!

The greatest Czech attractions, which will make your stay in the country exceptionally blissful and relaxing, include spa towns, i.e. all types of baths and health resorts, the most popular of which is naturally the elegant Mariánské Lázně, with its lazy climate, the neighbouring Františkovy Lázně, and Karlovy Vary, the largest and most beautiful health resort in the Czech Republic. There is also Janské Lázně, where in addition to bathing in thermal waters, you can take a forest bath in the famous "path in tree tops" opened in 2017.

Karlove Vary in Czech

To the woods, for health

If walking in the woods is your preferred relaxation option, you must discover the Šumava National Park. Located just at the border with Austria and Germany, it is one of Europe's largest forest complexes. You can absorb nature with all your senses here for a long time in this nearly 700 km² forest area! You will come back home refreshed and relaxed, for nothing soothes your nerves better than contact with nature.

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