Slovenia – places and attractions which you must see and visit

Aerial view of Lake Bled and the islet

Is it worth to spend your holiday in a country so small that you can travel its length and breadth by car in just a few hours? The answer can only be positive, for Slovenia's attractions are so rich and diverse that they can fill any day to the brim. The Alps, the Adriatic, green hills with white castles, vineyards, caves, town and cities – it is all packed there!

Admire the views!

The first fiddle among Slovenia's attractions are undoubtedly played by… views! More and more scenic landscapes will appear virtually every kilometre of your journey. If you want to immerse in the beauty of the nature, go to the Logar Valley, where whwre without any bigger effort you can enjoy the splendour of majestic Alpine summits rising to over 2,000 m a.s.l. On top of that, there are also some gorgeous waterfalls, including 105 m Rinka. Between May and October, you can traverse the Vršič Pass (1,611 m), the highest-lying pass open to passenger cars in Slovenia's Julian Alps. Additional thrills are offered by 49 sharp bends in the local road!

National Park

Have a rest at the seaside!

Holidays in Slovenia can also be spent at the Adriatic! Although the coast is tiny, you can still find everything you might need to have a pleasant time. The cities of Piran and Koper offer charming and typically Mediterranean old towns with stone buildings, whereas Portorož is well equipped to ensure excellent fun and entertainment. Izola, on the other hand, is a complete opposite. It is an atmospheric town, albeit little forgotten, which will take to a world not trampled by tourists. At the coast, there are also plenty of beautiful beaches, where you can sunbathe on a deckchair or enjoy warm sea waves.

Or at a lake!

It may happen that the shore of a lake will amaze you more than the sea coast. Take the fairy-tale Bled, which appears in most advertising folders about Slovenia. The beautiful basin has an island with a church in it, and the whole view is dominated by a pleasant castle. When there, you can you can lie on a beach, take a cruise in a local gondola called pletna, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, or climb a viewpoint. At some distance, there is also Lake Bohinj. It is less popular by as beautiful. Don't forget about it!

Predjama Castle - white building

Pop into caves

Caves are doubtlessly Slovenia's greatest natural wonders. They attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Not surprisingly, as they offer top class natural views. You must visit Postojna, which is so huge that you will take a railway ride inside, and Škocjańska, which will amaze you with its fairy-tale speleothem formations. In both caves you admire countless spaghetti-thin stalactites and mighty stalagmites that rise from the base.





Visit castles…

You can spend your holidays in Slovenia exploring the country's great cultural heritage. A classic view shown on postcards from that country presents a green hill on top of which stands a white castle with red roof tiles. There are also mighty fortresses, such as the Predjama Castle, which is snuggled against a rock that shoots more than 100 m up. Considered the country's finest castle, it houses a museum of interiors. The Snežnik castle is only a tiny bit inferior in terms of beauty. It is home for a branch of the National Museum. And there is also Bogenšperk, whose architecture will make a lasting impression.

… and cities...

Slovenia has beautiful towns and cities. The smal capital city of Ljubljana with amaze you with its metropolitan character, location and interesting architecture. Some smaller cities like Ptuj, Celje, Kamnik and Kranji offer rich history and charming old towns, while Škofja Loka, Štanjel and Radovljica have an old-school character and unique atmosphere.

… and temples

There are also plenty of interesting religious and sacred monuments. You can feel unique atmosphere in the Cistersian Monastery in Stična, the oldest monastery in Slovenia. In Hrastovlje near the coast, you can admire a small fortified church with priceless 15th century paintings – have a special look at the Dancing Death, which leaves no one indifferent.

Horses that dance waltz

The stud farm in Lipnica ranks among Slovenia's most original attractions. It breeds horses that used to be sent to the Vienna court. The local horses are famous for their skills which include dancing. During your visit you must a such a show!

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