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Flights to Tashkent - discover the secrets of the east!

Choose flights to Tashkent and embark on a journey full of cultural treasures and fascinating experiences! Tashkent, the heart of Uzbekistan, is waiting for you! Take advantage of our flights to Tashkent, where the magic of the East intertwines with modernity. Tashkent, the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan, impresses with its rich traditions, beautiful architecture and the friendliness of the local people. Book a flight ticket to Tashkent and explore the old part of the city, where you will see the Khast Imam complex - the religious and cultural centre of Tashkent. The famous Quranic Library with its unique manuscripts is located here, as well as the Tillya-Sheikh Mosque and the Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum. While visiting Tashkent, take a look at Amir Timur Square, dedicated to the great leader Timur Lenk. Tashkent also offers a unique culinary experience. Book flights to Tashkent and sample delicious Uzbek dishes such as pilaf, manti and samsa, preferably at the Khorsu Bazaar, a traditional bazaar where you can experience the vibrant Tashkent atmosphere. Don't forget the breathtaking landscape! Tashkent sits on the edge of the beautiful Tian Shan Mountains, where you can enjoy incredible views and even go trekking. Flights to Tashkent will take you on an extraordinary journey full of adventure and unforgettable memories. Book your flight to Tashkent now and discover the magical beauty of Uzbekistan!

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