Information about the voucher

Purchased your ticket on or after 4 October 2023? It is no longer possible to get a travel voucher. However, depending on your ticket rules, you can still change your flight or ask for a refund.

Learn the details of replacing your ticket for a voucher and using it for another journey.

  • NOTE: the following terms and conditions applies to tickets purchased before 4 October 2023.

    Need more time to plan a new trip with LOT? Contact us within one year from the purchase of your original ticket and use a voucher. This service covers cancelled flights only.

    Why is it worth replacing your ticket for a voucher?

    1. You retain the full value of your ticket

    Upon replacing your ticket for a voucher, you retain the full value of your ticket, even if you have a non-refundable tariff in the ticket.

    2. Voucher valid for 2 years

    A voucher is valid for 2 years from its issue.

    3. Use your voucher to purchase a ticket for someone else

    Want to use your voucher for your family member or friend? You can use the value of the voucher to purchase a flight for a different person.

    4. Refund of ticket price difference

    If the price of a new ticket for which you want to replace your voucher is lower, the difference is refunded in the form of a new voucher - which continues the validity timeline of the voucher used for the payment.

    How to replace your ticket for a voucher?

    To replace your ticket for a voucher, fill in the form. Upon replacement of the ticket, a message with the voucher number will be sent to your e-mail address. Modification is possible also in LOT’s ticket desks and via Contact Center.

    Remember! A voucher is non-refundable.

  • If you already have a voucher, you can easily use it for booking flight tickets and additional services.

    How to use a voucher for a flight?

    1. The voucher is a 13-digit number starting with 080-901 or 080-409, generated by LOT Polish Airlines.

    2. You can use it as a means of payment for your new ticket. You only need to make a booking at* and to choose the voucher at the time of payment.

    3. Upon entering the number of your voucher, enter the surname of the person for whom it was issued. The voucher holder’s surname does not have to agree with the passenger’s name on the ticket.

    4. The currency of the voucher has to be consistent with the currency visible in the cart at the time of booking.

    5. If the value of the entered voucher is higher than the price of the ticket being bought, the difference will be refunded in the form of a new voucher.

    6. When paying for a ticket, you can use maximum 9 vouchers.


    * You can pay for a ticket with a voucher at if you meet the following requirements:

    • you do not hold an insurance;
    • you do not enter a promotion code;
    • you do not choose a multi-part journey;
    • you do not pay in the Manage Reservation tab.

    Contact LOT Contact Center to use the voucher.