LOT flight attendant Marta Sender

Above the clouds - the job of a flight attendant by Marta Sender

When your job is a childhood dream come true, nothing is impossible. Neither in your professional life nor in your private life. Marta Sender talks about what it's like to be a stewardess aboard LOT Polish Airlines.

The job of a LOT flight attendant according to Marta Sender

She declared to her mother at the age of nine that she would become a stewardess. Although she was afraid of flying in an airplane, her dreams were stronger. In college, she met a friend whose mother worked as a stewardess for LOT Polish Airlines. Their house was full of things brought from different parts of the world. Each had its own story. When Marta visited them, the dreams came back....

Six years ago, your life changed 180 degrees.

Yes. I lived in Norway and worked there in a learned profession. One day I saw that there was an open recruitment for cabin crew at PLL LOT. I sent in my application. More days passed and finally the answer came. I was invited to a training course. Flying became my passion and way of life. Through thousands of hours spent in the air, I met hundreds of people who teach me something new every day. I have visited dozens of cities where I am getting better and better at flying and have my favorite places in them.

The love for flying has also brought the love of your life....

Flying connected me and my husband, who is the captain of an Embraer aircraft in LOT's colors. We have two children in whom we instilled a passion for travel and aviation from an early age. They even have favorite planes and places they visit with us. Thanks to alternate scheduling (when I work, my husband is at home and vice versa), I can combine the role of mother and flight attendant.

What don't people know about the job of a flight attendant?

We are first and foremost there to provide passengers with a safe journey in comfort. We have to undergo a series of training courses to stand on board an aircraft as cabin crew. In the event of an evacuation, we ensure that everyone disembarks safely in 90 seconds. In fact, our job requires combining many competencies: waitress, psychologist, caregiver, doctor, mediator or firefighter. This is a great responsibility.

And prestige. The stewardesses are PLL LOT brand ambassadors around the world.

Passengers recognize us at any airport in Europe, Asia or the States. And every time I walk through the airport in uniform, I feel like I'm walking in a fashion show for a top designer. It's a privilege to wear such feminine accessories as a scarf and toque on a daily basis.

LOT flight attendant Marta Sender on vacation in Asia

Through this work you get to know the world and a lot of people.

I work with people who have different personalities. In a psychological context, it's something magical that is difficult for people outside our industry to understand. In addition, I have the pleasure of learning about other cultures whether I'm on a business trip on the other side of the world or flying to Hamburg. Sometimes I'm only in a place for a few hours, and there are times when I can stay somewhere for up to a week.

At home, I have a lot of trinkets bought during my travels that remind me of pleasant moments. My daughter asks: Mom, where did you get these from? and so begins another story....

What would you advise those who have similar dreams?

To begin with, so that they are aware that they do not need to have flying experience. Our training system perfectly prepares candidates for the job. LOT Cabin Crew is currently recruiting for the position of Junior Flight Attendant, so I strongly encourage anyone who would like to try their hand at aviation to apply for our offer. You will not regret this decision!

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