LOT team during Embraer football tournament

publication date: June 19, 2023

text: Radoslaw Podbielski & Paulina Soboniak / PLL LOT

Embraer football tournament

A football tournament for airlines, organized by Embraer, was held in Amsterdam on June 3. LOT Polish Airlines took part in yet another Embraer Football Tournament. The "Goal a LOT" team won gold in magnificent style. Twenty-four teams from all over the world showed up at the tournament.

Group phase

After the group draw, our team faced clashes with airlines: SAS, British Airways, German Airways and Egypt Air. The first match is always the most difficult, and so it was in this case. The team of captain Radoslaw Podbielski won 2:0. The next match was an even battle with British Airways. Tough play of the opponent did not frighten our players - thanks to a structured and consistent game they won 1:0. On the wave of success, the "Goal a LOT" team began to slowly accelerate and - like a well-oiled machine - did not give even a shadow of a chance to the next opponents. With matches won against German Airways and Egypt Air, our team advanced to the final series with a set of points.

LOT Polish Airlines – SAS 2:0

LOT Polish Airlines – British Airways 1:0

LOT Polish Airlines – German Airways 7:0

LOT Polish Airlines – Egypt Air 8:0

LOT team during Embraer football tournament

Final phase

In the 1/8 finals we faced the team of the tournament organizer - Embraer Team. A 6:0 victory ensured our advancement to the quarterfinals. Along with us in this phase of the tournament checked in a team from Italy - Air Dolomiti.

LOT Polish Airlines – Embraer Team B 6:0

LOT Polish Airlines – Air Dolomiti 3:0


The "Goal a LOT" team imposed its own style of play from the very beginning, which translated into another victory. In the semifinals, the players from Spanish Iberia, considered favorites, were waiting for us. The opponents were characterized by high technical and tactical skills, but it was we who surprised them with a counterattack, and a few minutes before the final whistle we managed to get a score of 1:1. Advancement to the finals was to be decided by penalty kicks. In the "eleven" series, the goalkeeper's artistry was demonstrated by Tomek Malczewski, who with his great parades ensured PLL LOT's advancement to the grand finals!

LOT Polish Airlines - Iberia 1:1 (6:5 penalty kicks)


The final game was against the Air Astana team. Our players proved that they were the better team, finishing the battle with a score of 3:0 and went home with the Tournament trophy.

LOT Polish Airlines - Air Astana 3:0

We salute our representatives and thank them for a great game and positive emotions!

LOT team during Embraer football tournament

LOT team line-up

  • Tomasz Malczewski (goalkeeper)
  • Radosław Podbielski (defender) - captain
  • Paweł Dwórznik (defender)
  • Piotr Brodowski (defender)
  • Emil Jurczyński (defender)
  • Michał Zięba (helper)
  • Krzysztof Fejcher (helper)
  • Szymon Boruch (helper)
  • Andrzej Cieślik (striker)
  • Jakub Rzewuski (striker)
  • Oteuli Berik (striker)

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