Flights to the Balkans

Book your flights tickets at attractive prices and spend sunny holidays full of adventures in the Balkans! Remember that you will take carry-on up to 8 kg everywhere with you.

The image shows the Vjosa riiver valley and the snow capped mountains beyond it under a cloud-blue sky on a sunny day from aan elevated position above the valley

Flights to the Balkans - Albania

Discover the amazing Balkans by booking a flight to Albania! Delicious local cuisine, charming towns and sandy beaches - your vacation is bound to be a success here!

✈ Flights to Tirana




widok na Kotor i Zatokę Kotorską

Flights to the Balkans - Montenegro

Visit Montenegro to experience the best from the Balkans from behind the scenes! Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful landscapes that will stay in your memory for a long time. 

✈ Flights to Podgorica




Karadere beach

Flights to the Balkans - Bulgaria

Beautiful sandy beaches and warm and clear waters of the Black Sea are the main advantages of the Bulgarian Riviera. If you are dreaming of a vacation on the Balkan Peninsula - book your flight tickets to Bulgaria!

First flight to Burgas from June 10!




Widok na jezioro w Ochrydzie

Flights to the Balkans - North Macedonia

Which Balkan country to choose for your vacation? Welcome to North Macedonia! Here world-class monuments and phenomenal natural wonders are waiting to be discovered. 


✈ Flights to Skopje

First flight to Skopje on May 29!




Aerial view of Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Hercegovina on spring sunny day

Flights to the Balkans - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Feel the amazing atmosphere of the Balkans in Bosnia and Herzegovina! Colorful, dynamic, open to new experiences country - multiculturalism looks from every corner. See it with your own eyes!


✈ Flights to Sarajevo

First flight to Sarajevo on May 30!





First flight to Sarajevo on May 30!





Choose tourist attractions in the Balkans

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