Holidays with children - best destinations for your family holidays

The upcoming holidays is a perfect moment to plan Your unforgettable and special time with Your family. Find out about our best destinations for holidays with children!


The sun, beaches, mediterranean cuisine. Greece has so much to offer! Would you like to travel back in time to antiquity and discover its monuments? When visiting Greece, many possibilities awaits You!

Corfu - a lot of greenery around You, charming beaches and very pleasant, mediterranean climate. Corfu is northernmost greek island and that's why the climate makes it a pleasant place. There is no doubt that when visiting Corfu, you must explore one of the most enchanting beaches - Paleokastritsa beach. Turqoise colour of water, surrounded by rocky hills makes it a unique place! There are numerous places where you can try greek cuisine. Tzatziki, classic greek salad with  feta cheese or fried calamari rings? One thing is certain- Corfu is a real delight for your sight and taste!

Rhodes is a picturesque island that offers beautiful beaches and interesting monuments to explore. When visiting Rhodes Island, it is a must to see the Rhodes City located in the northern part of the island. Take a walk down the old town surrounded by long ancient city walls. Take some rest in one of the caffeterias drinking refreshing Frappe. See one of the most popular place amongst tourists - The Mandraki Port. That's the exact place where the legendary Collosus of Rhodes, a huge statue dedicated to the God of the sun, was once located. Admire mesmerizingly beautiful sunset at one of the beaches every evening ! This is a perfect place for Your holidays!  

Samos is another delightful island located in the Aegean Sea. Apart from beaches, great cuisine and all the greenery that surrounds You, it is also a great place for people interested in classic greek art. Visit Pitagorio, where numerous ancient ruins awaits You! Take a walk down the tiny, colorful streets. Another place, which is also worth visiting, is a port from which You can admire panoramic view of the city and also the statue of Pitagoras. Take a sit in one of many taverns and try some greek cuisine. Visit Samos and feel the greek vibe!


Nice, located in the charming French Riviera, ensure You will feel a truly summer vibe thanks to its beautiful beaches, mesmerizing colour of water and numerous tiny streets filled with vibrant colours where You can eat french breakfast or dinner. Don't forget about a viewpoint, from which You will admire panoramic view of the city and the beach. Visit Cannes, famous for its International Film Festival! When You finish sightseeing, enjoy relaxation at the beach under the palms eating ice creams - can You imagine something more summerish? Monte Carlo is another place You can't miss when visiting French Riviera! Take a stroll around the port and admire spectacular yachts! Nice is a perfect destination for Your summer holidays with children!

Paris, known as a city of love, is a great destination to spend Your holidays with children in a really entertaining way! Meet all the characters from the tales in Disneyland, which is filled with magic! Enjoy all the attractions for people at any age! Rollercoaster ride? Or maybe exploring haunted mansion? The choice is Yours! See the parade ended with spectacular fireworks show! Discover Disneyland and escape to the world of magic!


this small country not only has beautiful beaches surrounded by rocky coastline, but also many places worth visiting. Apart from relaxing at one of them, You can also spend Your time in an active way, for example, city sightseeing, exploring national parks or just walking around its quaint streets. There is so much to do! Split, known as a city of noon sun has not only beaches, but also monuments, which You can explore! A must see places are the old town, the port and the promenade located by the coastline of The Adriatic Sea. The most famous beach in Split is Bacvice, which is also the symbol of Split.

Zadar is another city worth visiting! You can explore The National Kornati Park, which is only two-hour drive away. The park consists of about 147 islands and is famous for its beautiful nature. In Zadar there are many churches and tiny streets, which You can explore at the old town. Here You can combine relaxation with active sightseeing!

Dubrovnik is especially known and popular among people choosing Croatia as their summer destination (for many reasons!) This city is rich in monuments and attractions. While walking down the main street of Dubrovnik, You can't miss Dominican's Monastery. That's a place where the famous library is and where all the most valuable colletions from the country are kept. Defence walls and the gate leading to the city will definitely catch Your attention while walking at the old town. You can also see Dubrovnik from the Srđ Hill, from which You can admire panoramic view of the city. After sightseeing, take some time for relax at the beach and admire emerald colour of water!


Travel to Cairo and make Your journey a real adventure! See The Great Pyramids of Giza and fascinating mummies. In Cairo, there are many museums and exhibitions which will travel You back to the antiquity. Don't forget to see Sphinx, a statue of a mythical creature, which will capture imagination of every little explorer! A cruise on the Nile river sounds like a fantastic adventure, doesn't it? Discover Cairo and travel to the ancient times. Make Your holidays even more fascinating! 

Greece, France, Croatia or maybe Egypt? Each of these destinations will ensure unforgettable holidays with children!

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