The neighbourhood of Berlin for a weekend!

Panorama of Berlin

As is the case with every large metropolis, the neighbourhood of Berlin is covered by a dense mesh of beautiful and interesting places. The atmosphere there is completely different to what you would experience in the city centre - it is quieter and more peaceful, yet colourful and diverse











Tribute to Charlotte

Before you start discovering new interesting sites near Berlin, pop into the district of Charlottenburg, still within the western limits of the city. As was not destroyed during the war, it is packed with elegant townhouses. The atmosphere here is bourgeois and a bit posh. The greatest attraction of the area which you must see is a beautiful Baroque palace named in honour of the deceased wife of King Frederick I of Prussia – Sophie Charlotte of Hanover. It is surrounded by a fabulous park, so you can have a moment of rest among well-tended greenery.

District Neukölln in Berlinie


The district of Spandau, which gave the name to the British band Spandau Ballet, is not only home to inspiring clubs, but first of all atmospheric streets and alleys of a well preserved Medieval city. You must visit a nice market, a Gothic church, cobbled streets and a four-pointed-star-shaped citadel on an island. Germany is a world of small atmospheric towns (although the country is not famous for it), and Spandau will give you the taste of that.

Palaces of Potsdam

The neighbourhood of Berlin means first and foremost Potsdam. You can spend a whole week there and never get bored! The sophisticated Sanssouci palace will certainly make the greatest impression on you. Although the Hohezollerns are associated rather with military architecture, they could build also beautiful Rococo palaces, as it turns out. This one is an element of an immense palace and garden complex built between 1730 and World War I at the initiative of Prussian Kings (and later German Emperors). Among the buildings are not only some residences, but also art pavilions, an orangery, temples, summerhouses and many others. A very intriguing impression is made by Cecilienhof, a palace in the north of the city, built in 1913-17 as one of the last works of the German ruling dynasty. You will be delighted by its form of a giant rural manor, which makes it one of Europe's most interesting palaces, and fascinated by the fact that it was in its interiors that representatives of the Big Three debated towards the end of World War II. The event came down in history as the Potsdam Conference, and its consequences determined the post-war world order.


Russians and Dutch

Berlin has always been multicultural and diverse. Potsdam likewise. So, if you are not fed up with the place yet, you can visit Alexandrovka, a Russian colony with wooden houses presenting fine Russian architecture situated between Sanssoucci and Cecilienhof. A remnant of the Napoleonic era, that gorgeous place was named in honour of Tsar Alexander I. In addition to the Russian colony, there is also a Dutch one. It was built a century ago for workers employed to expand the city and brought from the Netherlands for the purpose. Although it is a short distance from Berlin, you can definitely feel like in Amsterdam there.


You still have an appetite for interesting places near Berlin and don't want to finish your weekend just yet? You must visit fun in Tropical Islands, where you will feel like on exotic holidays. You can spend between several hours and a whole day there, and there are plenty of attractions . There are swimming pools, slides, saunas, a SPA zone, baths, special areas for children – and all this in a tropical setting. You family will be delighted and everyone will find something for themselves.

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