Germany with children – the most interesting attractions for kids

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As everything in Germany, attractions for children in that country are top class. Apart from being interesting, diverse and immensely entertaining, they supply a healthy dose of fascinating knowledge! Believe you me, you are going to like quite a lot of them, too!

Miniature world - Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg

German tourist attractions are known for their high quality. This is the case also with the world's largest… model railway! Located at three levels, it takes visitors in for an amazing trip through space and history. It is a miniature world, where your child will have an opportunity to see some grand structures as well as re-enactments of various events. Everything is done with the greatest care and solicitude. You can spend long hours there without even noticing the passage of time!

Miniature street with cars and pedestrians

Automotive museums - four-wheeled classics

If you dream of seeing full-size wonders of technology, you must visit German automotive museums! They are not meant for men only, though. The fantastically arranged spaces packed with attractions offer some quality time to the whole family. You list must include the museums of Porsche and Mercedes in Stuttgart, Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, and BMW in Munich. In your free time, don't forget to visit Eisenach, with a small museum of the iconic Wartburg. In addition, you can see the city's beautiful castle, a proper attraction for kids.

Car exhibition at the BMW Museum in Munich





Europa-Park - entertainment madness

You will have a memorable day also in Europa-Park in the town of Rust. It ranks among the greatest German attractions for children. The choice is stunning! Spanning over an area of 95 hectares (Europe's third lagrest!), the vast amusement park is divided into different thematic zones related to several countries of the Old Continent. The diverse attractions that await you there include amazingly high and incredibly fast roller coasters, antique cars, flight simulators, various shows... The multitude of thrilling experiences can make you dizzy!

Tropical Island - exotic holidays near Berlin

Or maybe a holiday outing to exotic country is what you are after? Don't look far. Just go to the Tropical Island water park near Berlin. If you are planning holidays with children, you cannot give that attraction a miss. It is something more than just a regular water park. It is an exotic world teleported to the centre of Europe. A former airship manufacturing hall houses a tropical forest, huts typical of Thailand or Bali, various swimming pools, rest and relaxation zones, as well as lots of slides, wild rivers and cascades in which you can have wild fun. One day here is definitely not enough!

Munich Zoo - with a photo camera among animals

If you like watching animals from all over the world, then you must visit the Munich Zoo. More than 110 years old, it boasts an extremely diverse collection of animal species. Walking it alleys, you can watch animals from different corners of the world – from hot Africa to the ice cold Arctic. Large and barely visible, active and rather not interested in the visitors - you can see all those animals in a beautiful natural and architectural setting.

Phantasialand - top class entertainment

Some family madness and carefree fun are await you also in the amazing theme park Phantasialand in Brühl. Its roller coasters guarantee a proper adrenaline rush. There are also merry-go-rounds, boats, gondolas… nobody will be disappointed! All all that in a tremendous artistic setting divided into several thematic sections, such as gold mines or a Wild West town. You must visit the site in winter - the extraordinary light shows will put you in a magical festive mood.

Oberammergau - a painted city

Sightseeing Germany with children does not have to involve only entertainment. Even if your kid doesn't like sightseeing, you can still find some sights in Germany that will enchant children as well. Among them is Oberammergau, a Bavarian town with façades covered with wonderful paintings. The subjects vary greatly and range from Biblical scenes to fairy tales by Grimm Brothers. And everything is adorned with beautiful flowers waving from house windows and street flowerbeds.

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