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Passengers The total number of passengers cannot exceed 9 persons. Infants are not included in total number, this is because infants are seated on adult’s lap.
Young adults (12-15-year olds)  Young adults can travel alone. Passengers aged 12-15 years departing from UK in Economy Class, are exempted from the Air Passenger Duty (APD).
Children (2-11 year olds)  Cannot travel alone and these bookings must include at least one adult. To book travel for unaccompanied minor please contact our LOT Contact Center.
Infants (under 0-24 months)  Booking with infant must include at least one adult for every infant when booking online. This is because infants are seated on an adult’s lap. To book a ticket for infant with a seat, please contact our LOT Contact Center.
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LOT Business Class on short-haul flights

With you in mind, we developed LOT Business Class, the world-class travelling standard that guarantees comfort and privacy in the air and on the ground.  Discover benefits of travelling in LOT Business Class on our short-haul flights!

Relax before your departure

Whether you want to check your emails, prepare for important meetings or just treat yourself to a small snack and relax before you depart –you can do it in one of the Business Lounges at all major airports in the world.

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Priority service at the airport

As a Business Class Passenger, you are entitled to a priority check-in in the dedicated check-in area, fast track and possibility of boarding the plane at any time. As the first you can also pick up your baggage right after landing.

We offer you a dedicated premium line at LOT Contact Center and a dedicated LOT Transfer Center.

More baggage

On all international flights at LOT Business Class you have a higher baggage allowance. You can take 2 x 32 kg of checked-in baggage with you. Upon arrival your baggage will be delivered first.

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More privacy

Having a ticket in LOT Business Class on short-haul flights we provide you with more privacy and freedom, leaving a chair next to you at your disposal.

LOT Business Class Menu

On routes lasting less than 180 minutes, you will receive a cold meal in the form of two snacks served on a tray. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also available for you. On routes lasting over 180 minutes and flights to London, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, Brussels and Nice, on board you will receive a cold meal in the form of appetizer salad and dessert and one of two hot dishes to choose from. During the whole flight you will also receive free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

During flights to Nursultan and Beirut you will receive 2 meals: cold and hot, as well as soft drinks, wine and beer. On the way to Astana before landing, a dessert is also served.

We choose the best wines for our menu, assessing their quality and richness of taste and aroma.

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