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Effortless upgrades, unforgettable flights

Dreaming of LOT Business Class or LOT Premium Economy experience at an attractive price? LOT Upgrade is your ticket to make it happen!

Upgrade today in just a few simple steps!

1. Place a bid to upgrade or purchase an instant upgrade to the class of your choice.


2. Add your payment information.

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3. Submit your offer or purchase your instant upgrade.

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LOT Bidding Upgrade

LOT Bidding Upgrade (opens in a new tab)

Take part in the auction and submit your offer, and we will let you know whether your trip will take place in a higher class! You can change (or cancel) your until it is accepted by the carrier. LOT Premium Economy or LOT Business Class are waiting for you!

Pasażer w LOT Business Class

Instant Upgrade

Instant Upgrade (opens in a new tab)

Guarantee your seat in LOT Premium Economy or LOT Business Class by paying for the upgrade immediately! You will receive ticket confirmation in the new travel class within 24 hours. Thanks to this, your offer ALWAYS wins!


Wherever you are flying, amazing journey awaits

Experience a higher travel class

Experience a higher travel class

Enjoy the benefits of LOT Business Class and LOT Premium Economy, such as priority services at the airport, comfortable seats, engaging entertainment and exclusive meal and beverage options.

Benefits on long-haul flights

Discover comfortable travel

Discover comfortable travel

Take advantage of LOT Business Class and enjoy remarkable amenities including priority services, free seat next to you and a delightful menu prepared by top chefs.

Benefits on short-haul flights

Enhance your travel experience

Enhance your travel experience

On flights to/from Dubai, Riyadh, Tashkent, and Astana, switch from LOT Economy Class to LOT Premium Economy! Ensure yourself comfort while traveling.

Benefits on mid-haul flights

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